• Uchiha Boy *Sasuke Uchiha love story*
    • LillyJHatake
    • 3 parts
    • Updated 2 years ago
    1.3K 46

    Minako is the twin sister of Sakura Haruno,they don't really get along,mainly because their opposites and they both like the same boy...Sasuke Uchiha and what'...

  • Caught [SasukeUchiha]
    • hiddendesires
    • 1 part
    • Updated 3 years ago
    894 26

    (Set in Shippuden) Miya Senju captured by Sasuke Uchiha and Team Taka. Will she escape?

  • Forgotten (A Sasuke Love Story)
    • MedievalMaiden123
    • 5 parts
    • Updated 10 months ago
    2.8K 91

    Forgotten... that's what I am... I have no family or friends... I should tell you a bit about myself, My name is Kuro.... I've kept my last name as Sasak...

  • Hate at first sight
    • EnchantedAnonymous
    • 11 parts
    • Updated 3 months ago
    9.6K 292

    A redhead girl with what seemed like a cold attitude gets assigned with the unsual team of Hatake Kakashi, Uzumaki Naruto, Uchiha Sasuke and Haruno Sakura. She...

  • A Wish for Revenge: A Sasuke fanfiction (Cancelled)
    • cannibalizm
    • 15 parts
    • Updated 4 years ago
    9.3K 87

    A bad fortune cause Sasuke to make a life-changing trade with a girl name Kyoko (a fortune teller from a mystical family) who enters her transformation period...

  • Aki Arashi { Sasuke Uchiha } DISCONTINUED
    • fowlbyname
    • 31 parts
    • Updated a year ago
    20.8K 598

    There once was this normal girl living happ- oh stop it with this bullshit. I ain't doing no cliche description! Meet Aki. She's from the Arashi Clan. As i...

  • Never Too Late (Naruto FanFic) (Sequel to "Kakashi's Daughter?" )
    • AmaiUchiha
    • 5 parts
    • Updated 7 months ago
    8.5K 271

    (sequel to Kakashi's Dauhter? (Naruto Fan Fiction) ) Shiro Is back and is stronger than before. But, Orochimaru, being the bastard he is, gave Shiro the curse...

  • Kakashi's daughter ?(naruto fanfiction) (BOOK 1)
    • AmaiUchiha
    • 27 parts
    146K 3.7K

    Shiro ,daughter of the famous copy cat ninja , found her way to konoha to find her father. her mother died when she was 10 and lived with her master , Kero, wh...