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  • Reigniting Her Fire
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    "Is that you want, baby? You want me to fuck you hard?" Nate asked as he peppered kisses along my neck and shoulder. On the word 'hard' he lightly bit into my shoulder. Marking me as his and igniting the flame of desire low in my belly. "Y-y-yes." I managed to choke out. I couldn't think straight. The only thought tha...

    Completed   Mature
  • Blush R-rated Erotic One Shots (V1)
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    Erotic one shots. Well here is where good gets better. That steamy passionate love making in the shower, to that unexpected rough fucking on the couch. These one shots are meant for you, ranging from different situations, sexualities, these one shots have no boundaries. Boyxboy, GirlxGirl, incest, teacher student, any...