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  • Human (Johnlock)
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    “I’m starting to think letting you into my home wasn’t such a good idea.” “Oh it was probably the worst thing you’ve ever done.” There was a moment’s pause before he spoke again. “Do you regret it?” “Not one bit.”

  • Say something
    3.2K 167 4

    Bucky and Steve were best friends and lovers for life. What happens when one of them gets sick and might not pull through to see the end of the line? Cancer AU

  • Always There (Stucky One Shots and Short Stories)
    659K 12.3K 51

    A few one shots and short stories of SteveXBucky (: Stucky!!! Cover art credits: Found on tumblr o.O

  • dirk gently's attempt at shopping
    379 23 1

    dirk gently, a holostic detective, attempts shopping

  • Lost and Found(Brotzly)
    1.3K 84 5

    He was lost- He couldn't find the ground- Until the sun came up- And the lost was found- Oh memories, where'd you go? You were all I'd ever known. How I miss yesterday. How I let it fade away. Dont fade away... In which Dirk is only a lost memory for Todd.

  • Wolfstar Oneshots
    9.2K 314 3

    These will be more regularly updated than my fanfiction because these constantly come into my head so..

  • Wolfstar Oneshots
    140K 4.1K 9

    This is a collection of Oneshots about the Harry Potter ship Wolfstar (Remus/Sirius) This will NOT have a regular update schedule, it's really just a place to put all my homosexual ramblings! Thanks in advance, ~Claire P. S. Criticism is greatly appreciated, it's what helps an author grow as one. Feedback is essent...

  • Once Upon A Time Texts
    156K 6.9K 86

    Text messages between the residents of Storybrooke All characters belong to ABC's Once Upon A Time

  • hold me ; dirk gently
    4.2K 231 8

    love is dangerous. and it wasn't meant for the hands of a delicate wreck and a suicidal optimist. - dirk x todd trigger warning characters are not mine

  • Once upon a time short stories❤️
    207 19 2

    Basically just a couple short texting stories that my mind made happen...

  • Repeat (A Once Upon A Time Fanfiction / Captain Swan's Daughter)
    192K 6.5K 75

    Phoebe Jones had spent the last fourteen years of her life in the foster system, moving from home to home. She had no memories of her biological family. Phoebe lost hope in finding her mother and father years ago. The only thing connecting her to her birth parents was a locket with her name engraved into the front of...

  • Episodes((Dirk/Todd))
    6.9K 394 10

    So I guess now Todd canonically has Pararibulitis Todd has frequent episodes, and Dirk is always there for comfort his new "friend" with cuddles. Clearly, Todd doesn't think he deserves to be helped. But Dirk helps him anyways. Todd keeps asking why Dirk is helping him, will Dirk ever tell him? Uh, duh, it is a fluff...

  • What Could've Been: A Captain Swan Story
    3.6K 204 3

    What if Emma had walked away from Killian in New York instead of drinking the memory potion? Five years later, Emma's life is miserable. One night, she makes a wish to know what her life would have been like now if she had drunk the memory potion. What happens when she wakes up in a bedroom that is not hers and finds...

  • Mismatch Lovers
    73.3K 4K 39

    Emma Swan is brand new in town and immediately gets taken in my the most popular group of girls at her new high school. They're great friends to have, she knows, but she's also ridiculously drawn to the biggest outcast to walk the halls. Everyone sees Killian Jones as one thing: a teenage dirtbag. He used to be the mo...