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  • The Witch, The Werewolf, My Salvatore Brothers And Me [FINISHED]
    71.3K 740 41

    rated: pg. Lily Salvatore is the Salvatore brothers little sister. her parents used to live next to Giuseppe Salvatore and his two children, Damon and Stefan. about three weeks after lily was born, Lily's parents went missing. as an orphan, lily was allowed to visit the Salvatore's every two months, but at the age of...

  • Can I Choose?
    40.5K 166 18

    "Cazy, may I?" Harry asks, whose lips, for your knowledge is only a few inches from mine. 'Forget it! I'm dating your best friend Zayn! Do not touch my lips you creep! ' I am parting my lips to answer, but of course, not a sound. "I take that as a yes," Harry says. 'No no no, you do not!' But it's too late, Harry's so...

  • Severus's Daughter
    5.8K 132 4

    Jasmine Snape? Who is the mysterious person who placed the babe on Severus Snape's doorstep with two letters? ( he isnt a death eater or in love with lily evans in this story, OBVIOUSLY the picture is just Snape)

  • The Vampire Diaries: Two Is Better Than One
    323K 6.1K 20

    What if there was someone who can even the odds, someone who can give klaus what he wants and fight him at the same time. Mya is Elenas twin sister, when her parents died on the bridge she went down with them and died, well thats what everyone thought. now she's a badass vampire slayer, and is back in Mystic Falls to...

  • Salvatore Sister
    208K 3.4K 27

    What if the Salvatore brothers had a little sister? They thought she died in 1864, the night the brothers risked their own lives to save Katherine Perice. Ava went looking for them and she was never seen again. One day she returns home after hearing her brother had returned to Mystic Falls as well. After the shock o...

  • Our Little Cousin the Vampire Hunter (The Vampire Diaries)
    9.8K 106 5

    Alydia Salvatore witnessed the horrible deaths of her two older cousins, Damon and Stefan Slavatore. Next thing she knew, a man told her it was the vampire's fault and offered her a way to avenge them. For over 150 years she's been hunting the creatures of the night and working for The Hunter's Society, a secret socit...

  • Ebony Gilbert: The secret sister (Vampire Diaries fan fiction)
    18.7K 321 9

    Mystic fall's. It's a home to most of the abnormal 'people' there are. Including two sisters, Elena and Ebony Gilbert. As they progress on, and the truth unfolds what is to become of their sisterly bond?