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  • Dark Nights
    832 94 9

    Poetry to release my pain

  • Into the Rabbit Hole • BxB•
    65 3 3

    Kieran's life is changed forever when his sister suddenly passes. His whole life is flipped upside down, leaving him broken and lonely. Just wanting an escape from his own head he meets Levi; a boy who has mastered the art of escapism. Based off my fanfiction Smoke @gaysicle

  • Flower Boy • BxB •
    829 39 8

    "And I'll grow flowers from the scars you left behind." Jacob Parker doesn't lead an exciting life. He lives with his boyfriend Mark and he works at the bookstore Mark owns and that's about it. He's ok with it though. It's secure and safe and that's all he really needs. This summer though things change. With the hot...