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  • Him vs Her
    27.9K 4.9K

    He ruffles my feathers, damn he's clever...he gets it from me ;) He said 'I love you and you don't even have a clue!' And I was like 'Screw you, I knew, I ha...

  • Don't Let Me Go #Wattys2015
    2.1K 84

    Leah. A 16 year old girl. She doesn't have anyone. No one at all. She had considered suicide once because she doesn't find anything in her life worth living. B...

  • Kisses From A Rose #Wattys2015
    12.7K 408

    16 year old Tracey Waters has everything a girl wants; beauty, popularity, wealth. But what happens when one of the most popular girls in school falls for the...