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  • Save My Soul
    14.3K 689 1

    Imani Morris didn't trust men, at a young age she had to deal with being raped by her mothers boyfriends, until she finally decided to runaway. The streets became her new home at the age of eighteen. Savior "Sav" Jackson had to grow up fast after his father went into a deep depression when his mother left them to be w...

  • Pay Me In Tears
    71.2K 3.6K 4

    Sometimes the realest nigga on your team is your girl.... Egypt has been down for Taz since day one, but it seems he's been taking not only her but her love for granted. Taz was living the life, not only did he have money coming in from every direction, but all different types of women followed closely behind i...

  • Bad For You
    1.2M 68.8K 20

    Closed off from love, Kairo Young wasn't expecting to come across someone who would make him want to give love a try. Seeming to only attract women looking for a come up, comes to an end when he sets his eyes on one beauty and being a guy that goes after what he wants he makes no exception when he sees Asia Jennings. ...

  • Lavish Life
    486K 23.7K 39

    The lavish life is the farthest thing in twenty- one year young Lavish Carters' perspective. Struggling to stay afloat with baggage from her deranged baby daddy Blood, trying to rekindle her relationship with her brother, TJ and take care of her two toddlers is sadly descending and sinking her boat. Lavish only wants...

  • Victoria
    1.2M 64.1K 42

    "You could never love all of me, and I'm sure of that." _____________________________________ In a world of a preference of doing everything but the right thing and being everything that she's not, 26 year old Victoria Marshall is just trying to remain on the right path and be confident in herself. She defies society'...

  • A Thug's Passion [#Wattys2016]
    3.4M 149K 67

    Lelise Rose is a surviving struggling mom trying to take care of her good for nothing baby father and daughter. It's time she put her foot down and saying enough is enough. Follow her as she makes a huge journey in her life it can possibly lead to a good outcome or worse once she lands in the hands of Atlanta most not...

    Completed   Mature
  • Forever Type Of Love
    43K 2.8K 5

    The gang is back with more drama than ever. Five years have gone by, Bambi has a successful clothing store and engaged. When she receives an invitation to Gold's wedding, she couldn't help but think it might be a bad idea going back to Detroit because of him. Gold and Zane is on the fast track to finally having their...

  • Love and Loyalty [ Completed ] #Wattys2016
    1.3M 36K 32

    Asia is a hardworking single mother of a 3 year old just getting out of a bad relationship. She meets Lucas yes "Lu" he is one of the biggest drug lords and is use to going from girl to girl. He soon catches feelings for Asia but can he be loyal to her or loose her? © 2013 All rights reserved *Honestly if you are r...

  • Myrtledale: Chad's Justice
    1.3M 33.9K 100

    This isn't the story about a "thug" and a "troubled" girl. This is the story about two teenagers, growing up in a hostile environment, falling in love and trying to be against the odds. When it seems like everything around them is falling apart, they try their best to stay together.

    Completed   Mature
  • The Hand That Feeds [ON HOLD]
    232K 7.5K 31

    People say a guy and a girl can't be best friends. Why? Because they either catch feelings or interfere with each other's relationships. Why can't Ezekiel and I be best friends? Because he used me to get to where we are in this game. Shit, I didn't even realize it until now. He knows me well enough to know that I stop...

  • Bag Of Money
    84.2K 3.3K 15

    Adrianne Jones is a 19 year old girl who went through the struggle In the game and out just as fast. Behind a good woman, there was a good man and hers was Anthony James. Anthony took Adrianne under his wing and made sure she was protected. But you know when you're making moves people tend to try and throw obstacles...

    Completed   Mature
  • Hood Still Don't Love You (HDLY#2)
    408K 15.4K 23

    The sequel to the Hood Don't Love You is back with a bullet. In this one, you will learn that the hood still has no regrets, no loyalty and especially NO LOVE. Tamel Richards alias MeloDrama, learns this lesson the hard way as he watches his empire fall down around him. Charmaine Davids was a woman that got pulled int...

  • Money, Power, Respect
    48.3K 543 3

    This is a tale of three women, all from different ethnic backgrounds, all with different stories. Their ties to the Jackboys will bring out the ugly in them all. Many will die, and lies will be told as everyone fights for that spot at the top. Everyone wants to reach their ultimate false idea of success. money, power...

  • Down Ass Chick: The Finale
    165K 6.2K 9

    Tracey and Raheem are changing with time. Their bond is getting stronger, but their opinions on the lifestyle could not be more different. Tracey is on her way to becoming a working woman, while Raheem is still the man he was when she met him. A new man makes her question whether she still wants the same things she i...

  • Xplicit [#Wattys2016]
    333K 8.7K 9

    By day, she's honest, innocent, sweet, and loving daughter, Jae. By night, she's New York's most sexy, seductive and wildest stripper, Karma. Will Jae be able to hide her secret life or will she crack under the love for X-plicit. Read on to find out.

  • Nymphomaniac
    750K 27K 25

    Nymphomaniac nym·pho·ma·ni·ac \-nē-ˌak\ noun abnormal and uncontrollable desire by a woman for sexual intercourse. Kyla Kies was defiantly a nymphomaniac. Being call a sex addict wasn't good enough, it wasn't complicated enough, and that is exactly what Kyla was. Craving sex on a daily basis was just what s...

  • Baton Rouge.
    2.6M 133K 75

    Bad boy, good girl, cliche happily ever after ending right? Well, not with Melissa and Jionni. One boy is free to do whatever he wants, while the other is sheltered and has her every move watched by her parents. At Baton Rouge High School, "hood boy" Jionni and his friends aren't too fond of the only girl in school wh...

  • One In A Milyon 2 (Urban Fiction)
    4.6M 129K 36

    Copyright © 2014 All Copy Rights Reserved *READ 'ONE IN A MILYON' BEFORE YOU READ THIS* Milyon Carter has been captured, hidden away from the world and found herself becoming completely alone. She waits in a dark room, being tortured and surrounded by nothing but more darkness. She doesn't know where she is or who wou...

    Completed   Mature
  • Unique I
    1.7M 22.3K 13

    With only two hundred dollars, Unique packed her suitcase and headed to New York City for a brand new start. It's there that Unique meets big time boxing promoter, Kennard and it is love at first sight. However, after nine months of living in the lap of luxury with Kennard, skeletons from Unique's past show up and i...

  • Tru To Da Game
    1.2M 38.9K 18

    After serving a three year bid, Truth "Tru" Shakur is finally free and ready to get back in the game. But everything has changed since he left the game three years ago. Kandi "K" Simmons has always been there for Truth, and it isn't only because he's her childhood best friend, but because she's been in love with him...

    Completed   Mature
  • Until It's Gone
    292K 5.3K 7

    Aaliyah loves Trey with everything she is and she let's him know every second of the day. Does Trey care? No. He's constantly telling her off and doesn't return the same feelings. What if Aaliyah gets tired of Trey hurting her feelings? What if she's ready to move on? Will Trey let her go or realize that he loves her...

  • Gold Digger
    1.1M 42.8K 19

    Gold "Goldie" Monroe is a seventeen-year-old born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. She lives in Glenwood projects, where you can hope to make it out of. Her mother taught her from an early age that love, and men ain't shit, and that money is the only thing you need. Everything is going good for Gold until she has to...

    Completed   Mature
  • Dippin' Low: The Story of Honey (EDITING)
    1.4M 37.9K 37

    Cassandra Jones had big dreams growing up, the only one with any kind of dreams in her family. . She made good grades, stayed out of trouble and even graduated on time. But Her circumstances wouldn't let her leave so she stayed and became a stripper at the club Hustler's Palace under her stage name Honey years later. ...

    Completed   Mature
  • Nothing to Lose (BWWM)
    5M 135K 35

    At age 25, Imani Forde doesn't quite know what to do when a house fire makes her lose everything that she has. She isn't sure how she will cope until she is offered a large amount of money in return for her taking on a job with the iciest human on earth. Handsome, intelligent and complicated are three words that can...

    Completed   Mature
  • Mending Broken Pieces
    1.3M 34.3K 25

    Her mother always told her that since she was a big girl, that she would always have a harder time than others. So with thick bones, she had to have a hard heart. Neveah Carter took a chance at love and let her heart soften one time too many. After being heartbroken when she seen her boyfriend Dawayne with another g...

    Completed   Mature
  • China's Thug ❤️
    499K 11.9K 30

    China Hill was a big girl, but unlike the others - she was too confident to give a damn. Everyone respected her and she never hesitated to show somebody what was up. But, she'd never had a boyfriend. In her words, "no one ever caught her eye." But when the new boy comes along, will things change?

    Completed   Mature
  • Love and Lies
    84.5K 867 3

    23-year-old Regina ‘Gigi’ Parker is a single black mother who's working a less-than-minimum-wage job at Hagan’s Diner in Downtown Atlanta. She’s barely making enough to get by. When confronted with child protective services she swallows her pride and applies for welfare. They only give her enough money to do for her s...

  • Peaches N' K'reem - COMPLETED
    178K 2.3K 3

    Copyright © 2013 Readinbooks2 It's so sweet, can you smell it? My sweet, I won't share it. Peaches, my baby. Forever my lady. One taste, I need it. Sit there, i'll eat it. I'll lick it how you want. Give me one chance, just one I can taste her already So wet, so ready Bring her to me I just want my Peaches N' cream...

    Completed   Mature
  • Phata@$$. {Excerpt Only} Avaliable at BarnesandNoble.Com (Link in Bio)
    1.7M 39.7K 50

    She knows she has some things to work on but damn DON'T judge. Overweight and Unsatisfied, seventeen year old Tiffany Evans get's teased about her occasional "Twinkie" consumption, but is a far-cry from your average "Phat" Girl. Living in the center of the hood has taught her to cease any developing relationship and t...

    Completed   Mature
  • Beware
    1M 32.8K 36

    Reina White was a regular teenage girl who grew up in New York City who lived the perfect life. Her man, Damien was the sexiest guy in the tri-state area, her family was wealthy and she was the most popular girl in school. Her relationship and social status came crumbling down at sixteen when she got pregnant by her b...

    Completed   Mature