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  • It Started with a Selfie [larry stylinson a.u.]
    1.9M 127K 70

    "Wait, pause. Louis Tomlinson just liked my selfie. What a creep."

  • no homo > larry au [completed]
    6.4M 359K 46

    louist91: I kinda really wanna suck your dick louist91: no homo tho ••••• {HIGHEST RANKING: #3 in FanFiction}

  • Fooling The World (Larcel/Larry Fanfic)
    1.4M 79.2K 36

    ❝You may think you see who I really am, but you'll never know me. Everyday, it's as if I play a part. Now I see if I wear a mask, I can fool the world, but I cannot fool my heart.❞ Where Marcel is popstar, Harry Styles, who everyone loves. However, during school, he's the nerd everyone ignores. © 2014, Angie (larry_la...

  • Dangerous [Larry Stylinson AU]
    4.4M 174K 31

    ❝Who's Harry Styles?❞ ❝Don't talk to him, he's dangerous.❞ ❝How?❞ ❝He killed his father.❞ Harry Styles has recently finished his sentence in jail for the murder of his own father. Now returning to high school, he has to try and live through the rumors, frightened looks, and harsh words of his fellow classmates. Everyo...

  • The Only One [Larry]
    120K 5.6K 24

    Louis and Harry have been dating for about six months. As a normal human being Harry is, he is desperate to make love with his boyfriend but Louis keeps denying Harry because he says he's not ready. Harry then decides to wait until Louis is ready. But what will happen when there's a misunderstanding between them? Thei...

    Completed   Mature
  • Toy Guns // (BoyxBoy)
    226K 11.2K 54

    How could someone admit to depending on something or someone in order to survive? Need - it's pitiful and something Louis has never felt - not until now, at least. [or the one in which a broken man with a dark secret falls for the boy with a tragic past. they don't intend to fix each other, but that just kind of happ...

  • No Sound.
    2.5M 88.5K 37

    [SEQUEL IS OUT.] WILL DO MAJOR EDITING HOPEFULLY SOON. I WROTE THIS IN EARLY 2013 SO I APOLOGIZE. Louis Tomlinson was, as you can say, a "bad boy." Harry Styles though was completely opposite. He was a sweet, fragile boy, and not only that---he's deaf. The two fall in love rather quickly like any other story, but ther...

  • Cupcake✿Larry Stylinson AU
    3.8M 149K 37

    ❝You're all mine, Cupcake. Don't you dare forget that.❞ ❝Of course, and you're my grumpy muffin.❞ ❝We really need to get me a new nickname, Harry.❞ Harry isn't transgender, he just likes dressing in girl clothes. While Louis isn't a punk, he just loves tattoos, piercings, and let's not forget Harry. © 2014, Angie (lar...

  • Gym Teacher [Larry Stylinson AU]
    2.3M 97.6K 40

    When Louis was offered a job as a temporary substitute gym teacher, he really didn't expect to fall for an annoying, rude and irritating 16 year old kid named Harry Styles. © 2014, Angie (larry_lashton), All rights reserved

  • The Dare - Larry Stylinson AU
    2.9M 102K 43

    After being drunkenly dared by his best friend to break someone's heart, Louis has to spend a month trying to make Harry Styles, a year ten loner, fall for him and maybe along the way he falls for Harry too. © 2014, Angie (larry_lashton), All rights reserved

  • The Dark List [Larry Stylinson Fanfic]
    2.7M 33.8K 39

    [THE DARK SERIES #1] Louis Tomlinson signed a contract that says he has to break Harry Styles' heart, his bestfriend. The contract has 10 things he needs to do break Harry's heart and stop him in being a flirt. But while he does this, he needs to make sure that he doesn't fall in love with Harry or else he will have t...

  • Cheshire Chatroom [Larry Stylinson AU]
    5.5M 228K 46

    After the teachers realize the different grades of Cheshire High School aren't interacting, they decide to start a project. Cheshire Chatroom is an online pen-pal project where students from different grades message each other. But Louis Tomlinson, a year twelve student, isn't happy when he's forced to message an unkn...

  • YouTube ➸ Larry Stylinson
    3.6M 121K 63

    where two famous youtubers deal with stolen cars, crazy girlfriends and their crazy fathers, movies, tea parties, traveling, and quite possibly, falling in love.

  • Blasé
    1.1M 81.6K 58

    I won't stop until that boy is mine ©All Rights reserved. Danny Knight

  • Summer Shade ➳ Larry
    1.3M 41.2K 19

    [sequel to Detention] They thought they would live happily ever after, but can Louis and Harry survive the Summer heat? © Copyright 2014, All Rights Reserved

    Completed   Mature
  • My step brother's best friend
    127K 5.6K 61

    when Harry is just starting to go to the same college as his stepbrother luke did so he ends up moving in with him but what happens when he finds out that he not just living with his brother I promise the story will be better than the description cover by @larryskiwi28