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  • REFLECTIONS | shirbert
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    Anne and Gilbert are not in high school anymore, but their paths will inevitably cross again. When the past comes back to haunt you and revive feelings that never left in the first place, all you can do is either be terrified about it or be fascinated about the unforeseen fate. Sequel to STARING.

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    {COMPLETED - UPDATED COVER MAY 2021} Following season 2, this story surrounds the relationship of Anne and Gilbert. Including cozy chapters breaking up the intense, dramatic events in Avonlea. "In My Maturity, I've Come To The Happy, Evolutionary Opinion That I'm Unusual, And I Embrace It."

  • Close Proximity -Anne With An E-
    46K 1.4K 12

    When Matthew and Marilla are going out of town, they ask Bash if Anne can stay with him, Mary, and of course, Gilbert for a week. Sleeping with only a wall between them, makes them realize some things about themselves, and their feelings. S h i r b e r t

  • Butterflies~~ Shirbert
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    "That Gilbert Blythe, he has the audacity to never leave my mind, to try to be the prince in my daydreams, well no, I won't allow it," said Anne stubbornly. "I hold this to be the highest task for a bond between two people: that each protects the solitude of the other." ~ Rainer Maria Rilke

  • Gilbert and Anne
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    "Go on a date with me." "That wasn't a question Blythe." "Will you, Anne Shirley-Cuthbert, go on a date with me, Gilbert Blythe?" "Okay," The adventures of Anne, Gilbert, Diana, Jerry, Ruby and Cole in a modern day boarding. I'm so bad at making descriptions please give me a chance I'll do you proud. Promise.

  • ~Imperfect~ by: xxits1984
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    Story filled with Tragical Romance • In wich a mysteriously handsome new boy goes to a carnival and meets a girl. He tends to fall for her, but she doesn't feel the same. She feals rather anoyed by his flirting. The day afterwards he arives at school and they meet again... what will hapen once they meet again? Will th...

  • who are you, my love
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    shirbert in a modern life. Changing a little bit story line( a big little) . Hope you enjoy.Check out my instagram fanpage to get more shirbert @mr.gilbertblythe!!