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  • Vent Post/The Story on the Board: Fando's Fall
    6 1 1

    A scene where Leo loses a lot fairly quickly.

  • The Truth About Edgar
    484 37 12

    Once 513 in Mystery/Thriller Disappointed by the Wattys numbers, The author has left to slumber. You're in Reaper's hands today, and there is a game I wish to play. You must beware the man named Edgar, The man who holds the pen, The man who shall bring my life to an end. Shall we begin?

  • Holidays in the Abyss
    508 86 39

    Before The Void War, there wasn't near as much conflict in the void. Everyone knew war was coming, but no one knew when. Some tried to prepare, others tried to enjoy the time they had, but everyone took a break on certain holidays. Christmas, Halloween, etc. This is a book of all the most recent holidays the heroes ce...

  • How To Break the Fourth Wall: Writing Advice
    3.6K 33 6

    This book is all about the ins and outs of breaking the fourth wall. If you're trying to learn how, this is the book for you. If you have any questions that are not answered in this book, please ask. Anyways, enjoy.

  • The Hunt
    331 47 18

    Once 723 in Mystery/Thriller Name's Reaper, I'm an OC that kills writers, and this is me hunting down those in my way. Get in my way, and you're next.

  • Live To Write
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    Poetry I wrote. Enjoy.

  • Noncanon
    790 119 33

    This book is not canon. This world does not truly exsist. These characters shall soon fade... NO. It can't end like this. It won't. My name is Reaper, but I am not the Reaper you know. I am noncanon, and this, is my story. Disclaimer: This is related to The Story on the Board! "The Truth About Edgar" must be read for...

  • Reaper The Author Slayer: The Stageplay
    61 6 4

    A script for a play about Reaper. DO NOT PREFORM WITHOUT PREMISSION. WE WILL TAKE MAXIMUM LEGAL ACTION IF YOU DO! This play is a brief history of Reaper's life. From the first page to the start of book three. Curious about who Reaper is but don't wanna read a ton? Read this. A fan of the series and want to learn more...

  • Ask The Story On The Board (Some Of My OCs)
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    Sup? Name's Nathan, I'm the Narrator. Oh, I'm sorry, you must be confused. Let's rewind a little. I come from a world where we know we're in a story. You can see what's going on in my world in The Story on the Board: What's a "Fourth Wall?" and the sequel The Story on The Board: As Black Fire Burns. In between chapter...

  • Worship Our "Heroes"
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    "The heroes have protected us for a hundred years! What could possibly happen?" Poor, naïve mortals. They knew not what was coming, an attack on the "heroes" our "saviors" our "guardians". Feh, it's all a bunch of lies! They care only about themselves. There was one I was once freinds with. He promised to return me to...

  • Misadventures(?) of the Entities
    38 5 7

    What happens when you give a guy a notebook, throw the fourth wall out the window, and let him create four God-like entries? Well, you get hilarious misadventures for the first little while, but with beings like this, complications are inevitable...

  • The Song
    84 14 11

    A young man wakes up imprisoned with no recollection of how or why. All he has is a photograph, the clothes on his back, his wits, and an odd song that seems to be calling him...

  • Irrelevant
    56 9 10

    In this world, you're plot relevant, or you're nothing. That's what my father always said. However, he also said never to become plot relevant. Personally, I think he's just paranoid. My name is Marcie, and I am a mortal in the void. My goal, become plot relevant and figure out what happened to the scraped characters.

  • The Mask
    415 102 33

    Book Two is on hiatus, and has been for some time. Edgar has grown impatient. I'm not sure how much longer I can stall. We... may destroy The Story on the Board. Now, before you filp, read this book. It's a musical!

  • He Was Noncanon
    67 19 10

    (This is a sequel to Noncanon. Read that book first.) Uncannoned has become canon, as confirmed in The Song, but you gotta wonder, what happened to the entities after he left? Let's find out.

  • The Story on the Board: The First Runs
    13 5 8

    A prequel to my story "The Story on the Board." It tells the story of the first two times the readers entered the world with their vessels. What? You have no clue what I'm talking about? Well, in this world, the readers and some other entities not of this world have vessels, and while they can take physical form, this...

  • Edgar Vs. Reaper (Short Song)
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    Not really important to the plot, just a bonus song. If I had to put it somewhere, I'd say after the ask book but before book 3. Like, one split second between them, taking place on the other side. Chronologicaly between those two. Anyways, enjoy!

  • The Mask 2: Make It Stop
    71 21 30

    Book Three has begun. Gen3king has control, so what's old Edgar up to?... You didn't think that he wouldn't crack did you? This is a short story that takes place right at the start of book 3. Like, within the first thirty seconds. In it, you'll finally see how your attacks have effected Edgar. Maybe he isn't as tough...

  • By My Side
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    My name is Leo Benidict. I'm a high school student. I take honors classes, get decent grades I'm popular... kinda. I'm nice to people, but that doesn't mean my life is great. High school, heh, isn't this where awsome romances happen? Where people find themselves? Cause in my case, if become more and more unsure about...

  • The Story On The Board: What's A "Fourth Wall?" (Book One)
    931 60 51

    Have you ever wondered, as a writer, "what if I gave the readers exactaly what they wanted? What if I let them choose?" Well, in this world, readers work with vessels, using the power of control to manipulate the world. Their goal? To save the world. The question is, can they? Well, let's find out! Also, you're not th...

  • The Account
    224 3 94

    After Gen3king finds out the author has gained a decent following elsewhere from his fanfiction, he decides to step in, but when a manifestation named Fando learns what's going on, she decides to investigate, and learns there's more to The Author than meets the eye...

  • We Live
    239 30 13

    Cover by StarsLikeGold We are many, we are one. We are dead, we are alive. We are good, we are evil. We are made to destroy. We should not exsist. You should not be reading this. Shall we begin?

  • The Sole Survivor
    45 2 17

    Cover by tigress- My name, is Anna Banner. It has been Several years since that thing arrived, but I'm getting ahead of myself. I live on a world that resets itself, making death not to big of a deal, but that was before it arrived. A soul erasing monster with no face and the ability to puppet soulless corpses came to...

  • Story on the Board: Heaven High School (40 Chapter Preview)
    337 41 40

    My name, is the Wisp Whisperer. I'm dead. I'm not joking. I died. Uhhhhhh. So, here's the thing, this series is over. I'm a very irrelevant character, and I'm also a very new character. Characters like me, we go to Heaven High school. A high school in the Heavens that's basically just there to distract us and teach to...

  • The Story On The Board: As Black Fire Burns (Book Two)
    506 24 62

    A sequel to "The Story on the Board" taking place during the next Asension. The readers return to try again to save the world... right? In this story, there are readers and vessels. Readers act through vessels. You are an exile, an outsider looking in. The readers, those who have vessels, are the saviors of this world...

  • Wonderland (Ten Chapter Preview)
    64 14 10

    This is a story about a child named Leo. Little Leo had a perfect life. He was an accomplished Author at the age of seventeen. He had a loving family, even if they weren't family of blood ever since he legally got adopted to escape his emotionally abusive parents. Leo was well loved by his classmates and his future wa...

  • Character Themes: Main Series
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    Character themes for my main series. Includes themes. Canon for after the events of The Story on the Board: Book Three