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  • Nomenclature (#TNTHorrorContest)
    2.4K 176 1

    Hello! Thank you to everyone who voted to help Nomenclature have a shot at $20k and a TNT tv deal. We made it into the Top 35! We made it into the Top 10! --- A short story from my Public Service Announcement Anthology here on @Wattpad Winner of the Glamour of Grotesque contest by @Nyhterides Entry for the #TNTHorrorC...

  • The Deal
    4.3K 348 1

    (The Deal was optioned by TNT!) The mysterious Lee Cutter and his Carnival of Wonders hold a secret darker than any of the citizens of 1930's Junction City, Kansas can imagine. When Mr. Cutter shows up to town early one morning promising an end to the dust storms that have decimated the town's crops and stricken many...

  • One in a Million
    357 42 1

    A chance meeting, some drinks... and terror.

  • Balance (TNT Horror Contest Top 100)
    326 57 2

    Can death really be a choice? In this short horror story, the future of human life lies in the hands of NOVA, a drug that makes human's live longer healthy lives. But, what happens to the ones who are not eligible for the NOVA boost? (TNT Horror Contest)

  • Bibliophile (#TNTHorrorContest)
    139 34 1

    A house isn't a home without books. A house isn't a home without family. Can you have both a family and a huge library at the same time? Can inanimate objects be injected with the lives they overtake?

  • The Radar Man
    1.9K 189 1

    In Raleigh, NC, the children have a legend about a dangerous kidnapper known as The Radar Man. They don't know it yet, but Raleigh isn't his first stop...or his last.

  • The Plagiarism
    141K 14.9K 17

    Plagiarism: The practice of taking someone else's work or ideas and passing them off as one's own. When an aspiring author takes the idea of her favourite horror writer, she must face deadly consequences.

  • Undone
    5.4K 410 6

    *TNT Horror Contest Top 35 finalist* My sincere thanks to everyone who read, commented, voted! In August, 1888, two catastrophic fires ravaged London all day and all night. A chance meeting of strangers on the banks of the Thames sparks a different sort of flame that burns for centuries, making one man the most famo...

  • Who's there? #TNTHorrorContest
    127 19 1

    Sometimes our worst fears are things that are not there.

    Completed   Mature
  • Wendigo
    205 30 1

    A man discovers a dark family secret.

    78 15 1

    A silent stranger walks into a small town bringing terror into the lives of those who get near her.

  • Uncle Gerry's Family Fun Zone
    4.9K 308 1

    A married couple recounts a horrifying incident from their past at Uncle Gerry's Family Fun Zone, but their stories don't exactly match. Who is telling the truth, and is one of them harboring a terrible secret? Cover art by Jörn Heidrath.

  • What I Found on the Deep Web {TNT Grand Prize Winner}
    35.7K 1.7K 4

    Unemployed and desperate for money, I turned to the Deep Web looking for work. Instead, I found this. ---- TNT Horror Contest Grand Prize Winner, to be adapted for television! Wattpad Featured Story #20 in horror 3/2/17

  • The Unhappy Resurrection of Winston Biggs
    361 48 1

    There's something sinister in the relationship between a disabled Confederate soldier and his doting older sister.

  • The Tree of Souls
    916 118 1

    Jacquelyn Pindt has purchased a painting from an estate sale with the intention of adding to an ever growing art collection, but she soon realizes that this particular painting has plans of its own.

  • Sunday Drive
    402 75 1

    an elderly couple go on their last Sunday drive during the zombie apocalypse

  • The Sound of Silence
    120 17 1

    This was actually an English class assignment. We had to make up our own gothic short story. I thought I'd upload mine just for fun. - Gemma :) #TNTHorrorContest

    275 18 1

    An Army vet named Ted Landon describes in his own words the night he saw a human sacrifice by a cult led by his creepy next door neighbor Randall Thomas.

  • The Lucienne Twins
    14.6K 597 6

    This haunting tale involves a young teacher, Mary Watkins, and her struggle to help Abigail, one of her students, cope with her twin sister's tragic death. But when mysterious occurrences plague Abigail's life, Mary discovers that perhaps the twin sister is not entirely dead and has not left this world.

  • The Last One Left
    167 23 1

    What if you were the last one left? Would you run? Hide in a trash can? Eat all the food that you have? Do crazy things that would your parents would hate? Kill yourself? What would you do if you were the last one left? Ava is the last one standing in her small town. The rest of the people in that town were killed one...

  • The Haunting of Oliver Charles
    103 19 1

    Day in and day out, she punishes him for what he did.

    Completed   Mature
  • The Groundskeeper
    149 23 1

    A camping trip turns nightmarish when something starts to reach up from beneath.

  • The Dentist
    25.6K 1.7K 3

    Welcome to the dentist's office, where a cavity is the least of your worries...

  • The Dead Man's Mask (#TNTHorrorContest)
    320 53 1

    For Paul, a funeral director, it was just another day at the job. Until a body comes through wearing a mask. One that brings Paul's worst fear and darkest memories to the surface.

  • "The Clay Boy" #TNTHorrorContest
    334 58 1

    (top 100 in the #TNThorrorcontest) An autistic boy is relentlessly bullied by his school-mates, so he creates a secret world in the woods where he can be alone and read about his favorite subject: monsters. And after finding a story about a magical creature called a golem, he sculpts a life-like clay boy to be his fr...

  • The Boarder
    420 59 1

    TNT Horror Contest - Top 100 Finalist !!! Hope you enjoy this short story about a young boy who discovers bad things in the night. Here's an excerpt: "I was only nine when Momma let a devil move in. Not the Devil, but a devil... a demon. Not that there's much difference to a nine year old. Now don't get me wrong...

  • Over The River and Through The Woods
    234 50 2

    #TNTHorrorContest top 100 finalist. Removed after public voting failed to move it on. You can still read part one here. Find the full story on Amazon and Goodreads. Description: Inspired by a nightmare, "Over The River and Through The Woods" is a psychological tale of terror, following a teenage girl named Charlot...

    69 16 1

    The crew of a massive cargo ship caught in a tropical storm tries to stop the vessel before it reaches port when a horde of zombies is discovered in one of its shipping containers. -- From the Blood Type H horror collection Brain Matter.

    Completed   Mature
  • Storm People
    39 6 1

    Scott did not want to die during a storm, he knew that he would forever travel with other tortured souls forever stuck with the mighty tempest of nature. Of course, he might not have much of a choice.

  • The Effects of Sleep Paralysis #TNTHorrorContest
    29.9K 2.3K 6

    One man's descent into darkness.