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  • The bad girls bad boy ✓
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    ❝Life isn't a fairytale; there aren't any happy endings. Fairytales are left for stories that little girls and boys read before they go to bed, so they can have a peaceful sleep.❞ ~The bad girl. • • • ❝This book has just the right amount of EPICNESS! This book was so good, I could not put it down. The suspense was ju...

  • The bad boys bad girl | o.g
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    ❝Losing someone you love hurts. Leaving someone you love kills because you know it's all your fault. If the feelings that you have towards them is reciprocated, you know how much pain you are bringing them.❞ • • • #55 in action. Cover by nightinggale-! Book two in The bad teens Trilogy. Copyright © 2017/18 by -moonlus...