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    "If love was an assignment I would've failed." Dating sounds easy, right? Well, not so much for a group of students who decide to join a dating class arragned by their Algebra Professor. Will they be able to complete their assignments and finally find the right one, the one that will make dating easier for them? Inspi...

  • Station 11
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    When two boys with anorexia nervosa and intermittent explosive disorder fall in love in a psychiatry. Highest rankings: #1 junhao #2 minghao #2 17 . /01072016/

  • Tally Marks- soulmate au
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    Everyone lives a normal life till the age of 18. After that, you stop aging. You only gain the ability to age again once you've found your soulmate. Wen Junhui was born June 10th, 1750. His soulmate, born November 7th, 1952. Junhui lived through many wars, and 226 years before being able to meet his soulmate.