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  • String of One Night Stands
    66.3K 3K 23

    Shanks sleeps with person to person. Living trails of broken hearts behind him. Since he never settles down for one person. Well, until Mihawk moves to town.

  • Reality Check (One Piece Fan-Fiction)
    86.6K 2.6K 32

    requested by @Kyori1097

  • My Living Hell(A One Piece Fic)
    22.5K 807 16

    -changed cover, summary, & title [was My One Piece Hell] , currently editing- Sora D. Toshiro Hotori, a 16 year old girl is forced to attend Grandline High School, a school for "delinquents." Her grandparents (who she's not close to) being the ones forcing her to go. Her mother, Lisanna, says it's for protection but p...

  • Can I admit it?
    22.2K 1K 8

    This is a Zoro Luffy yaoi fanfiction and it is also my first fanfiction. Basics of the story are this: Luffy and zoro get swept away in a storm and end up on a deserted island. While they wait for their crew to find them many things are revealed. Will the crew make it in time for chopper to check out Luffy's cold or...

  • Life Without a Captain | Ghost Luffy Fanfiction
    25.8K 586 6

    It Will Be In The Story

  • Luffy X reader one shots
    117K 2.5K 16

    Yeah If you have a request, just ask me and I'll try to do it :) I do not own one piece or any of the pictures used. If you would like me to credit a fan art that you've done and I've used then just say :)

  • Analgesia
    72 7 1

    Analgesia. Noun. an·al·ge·sia \ˌa-nəl-ˈjē-zh(ē-)ə, -zē-ə\. The loss of the ability to feel pain while conscious. One-Shot. [Sanji x OC, kinda]

  • Zoro's Birthday
    4.1K 182 1

    Luffy's ditching his friends for a date! Who's has he been dating? the rest of the gang finds out by stalki- *cough* "following" him . Modern-Highschool AU, 3rd Year Luffy. College freshman Zoro [ZoLu] (19 & 21) might include funny/sad ASL feels

  • Blue Nose, Red Nose [Platonic Chopper x OC]
    57 5 1

    In which Chopper loves Christmas. One-Shot. [Platonic Chopper x OC]

  • Letting Go [Usopp x Human!Merry]
    91 8 1

    One-shot. [Usopp x Human!Merry]

  • Cat's Got Your Tongue [A Luffy Love Story]
    1.5K 29 1

    “Pirates are good for nothing thieves.” “We only steal what rightfully belongs to us.” “They are criminals.” “Only to the government.” “I won’t change my mind. I’ll never become a pirate.” “And I won’t give up until you become a pirate.” It was a game of he said, she said. Stay silent, and you lose.

  • Queen of Nature (One piece fanfic)
    2.3K 78 4

    Silver D. Azelia. A 22 year old girl who ate the Shokubutsu kōjō no mi (plant plant fruit) at a young age. Trying to place her past behind her, she strives to become a pirate, just like her parents. After coming across a familiar face during her journey, she somehow ends up sailing with an infamous crew. All rights re...

  • Love? ( Luffy x Reader ) 《COMPLETED》♡
    104K 3K 26

    (Y/n) (L/n), a girl with extraordinary powers and an extraordinary family. A beautiful girl, unmatched by any other. Y/n and Luffy have been best friends ever since they were little kids at the Bandits hut. Luffy is a couple months older than Y/n. She's liked him since they were kids. His stupid side, goofy side...

    Completed   Mature
  • Roommates
    48.9K 2.3K 32

    Sanji lives alone in his two bedroom apartment and a little someone is there to accompany him.

    Completed   Mature
  • The Forgotten Sister, Creator (One Piece)
    8.3K 227 4

    Kirana D. Erina raised herself in the East Blue. She secretly amused herself by watching Ace, Sabo, and Luffy (When they were kids). The boys noticed her one day and they began to hang out. Until one incident... Several years later, she lands in Dressrosa. Only Fujitora knows her secret. When she accidentally bumps in...

  • Sea Demon (One Piece Fanfiction)
    408 23 5

    Natsuki is a strong and beautiful woman with a dark past. She is a tool used by the marines and is mistreated regularly. What do you think would happen if this chained woman met a certain pirate with a straw hat? Find out how special this woman really is. Enjoy the adventure.

  • Heavily Inked [Marco the Phoenix x OC]
    22.4K 985 9

    After losing both Ace and Whitebeard at Marineford, Marco becomes a broken man. Only one person can help him rise from the ashes. [Marco the Phoenix x OC]

  • The Sickness No One Can Cure
    659 28 2

    Yumeko Alanna was known as a terrible child at the age of six. She was called Nico Robin II, with the bounty of 80,000,000 right on the spot. Rumor had it she destroyed a navy base and her hometown with the power of the rarest Devil Fruit Yume-Yume no Mi: Model Wishes. Only, once her bounty was out, she was reported...

  • Stop
    12K 440 2

    Self harm isn't only cutting yourself it could be pinching, bruising, ripping and more this is a sensitive topic for some of you and if I offend anyone in anyway I apologize. Implied ZoLu. After Marineford - Had this story for a while, so i posted it. Two-shot - Rated T for adult, or harming themes

  • One Piece One Shots
    196K 5.3K 19

    * WARNING! MAY HAVE SPOILERS* Requests are always open! Message me anytime with your ideas! ! Thanks!

  • My Kitten ( Luffy X Neko! Reader ) Luffy X Reader
    52.7K 1.4K 12

    (Y/n) (L/n) is your typical Neko, shy, kind, cute, and curvy. She was always treated like an outcast because of her abnormal cat ears and tail. She is very sensitive and can cry easily. What happens when a certain Straw Hat boy takes her away from that forsaken island, and into a land of adventures. What happens when...

    Completed   Mature
  • Protect the past and change the future!
    495 22 5

    What if someone joined before Zoro in the crew? What if that person was a girl who ate the Time Time Fruit? How will she change the story? Join Shiori and see it for yourself! I only own my OC's. One piece belongs to Oda.

  • Twelve days of Christmas
    33.9K 638 14

    A bunch of ships for Christmas.

  • One Piece Water Seven Franky & Iceberg's Sister {Completed}
    2.8K 67 6

    Amber is a girl born to a legendary shipwright in Water Seven. She has special powers that can predict the future and she can also read into someone's past. What does she have to do with the history of Water Seven? Read and find out.

  • Sanji x reader one shots
    105K 3.3K 26

    Sanji X reader because I keep on getting ideas for this stuff ^_^ If you have a request, just ask me and I'll try to do it I do not own one piece or any of the pictures used. If you would like me to credit a fan art that you've done and I've used then just say >~<

  • Zosan - Mr Roronoa
    138K 5.5K 24

    HEY GUYS I'm sorry i don't update much I'm terrible! i got college and stuff and a tablet isn't much of a good thing for watt pad so i MOSTLY update when I'm on a mac at the college. if you got any ideas for what should happen next comment below! :)

  • One Piece (Yaoi)Semes aand Ukes
    2K 53 1

    WARNING: This contains Yaoi Its about 3 semes (Zoro Ace and Kidd) who have a crush on their soon to be ukes(Sanji Luffy and Law). Now the question is will the ukes feel the same way or will they not? So I hope u enjoy!!!

  • Zosan - Frustrated kiss
    3.6K 106 1

  • Neighbors
    60.4K 2.7K 28

    Zoro had just moved into a new house. He was kicked out of his old tiny apartment because of Luffy and Ace being too Noisy. But what will happen when his Neighbor comes home?