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  • Sing Me To Sleep
    597K 35.5K 33

    After a failed suicide attempt, Frank Iero is placed into an induced coma to prevent any further self harm. While he's asleep, he's visited by what he believes is an angel who sings to him. When Frank finally awakens, it becomes his obsession to find who the voice belongs to. [[Trigger Warning! Suicide-- do not take...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Chemical Romance: Ferard
    229K 6.9K 29

    Gerard has had feelings for Frank for a while. But how will Frank handle it after Gerard kisses him on stage?

  • Secrets.
    79.9K 4.1K 49

    Gerard way the big bad boy at school frank the lonely boy. they've been going to school together for years only Gerard never knew. until one fearful day when Frank almost bleeds out because if the voices in his head. what will happen after a Terrible accident.

  • The Only Hope For Me Is You (Ferard)
    243K 10.8K 36

    Gerard is a new student at a boarding school, he hopes for a new start. Sure he makes a couple friends . But then he meets Frank and instantly falls for him. But soon Frank discovers Gerard's feelings and his feelings are completely the opposite. This story is dedicated to ....... @sleepingmichael .... Thanks for the...

  • Lie To Me (Frerard)
    929K 42.4K 28

    Gerard was late, and it was fucking raining. He'd missed the bus and it was fucking raining, and he was totally going to get dropped from the play if he was late again and he was so fucking screwed, but honestly Gerard wasn't all that keen on it when he'd heard the only main part he'd managed to get in this damn theat...

  • Antichrist (Frerard)
    612K 27K 28

    They were murdered, they were attacked and now they're dead. That's all Frank knows about his parents - gone before he'd even had chance to miss them, and it was fucking with his head. The police reckoned that moving away, to rural New Jersey with his grandparents would help him cope with the loss, but even Frank knew...

  • A Splitting of the Mind
    2.9M 102K 23

    Gerard Way sees the world differently. Alone and institutionalised, Gerard claims that he is being hunted, and that his mind holds the key to existence. Does Gerard really hold such a powerful secret? Or is he just insane like everyone else in the institution?

    Completed   Mature
  • I have a thing for a psycho (Frerard)
    2.9K 206 8

    Nobody you would say was treated fairly in life. People take their anger out in different ways. For example Frank Iero the infamous murderer known as 'Exe' . He was raised in a foster home filled with messed up children. He escaped and became a serial killer to take his anger out on the fact he never had a real home...

  • Read All Fine Print
    9.3K 408 11

    Gerard didn't want that tattoo and he definitely didn't want the baggage that came along with it. [Frerard]