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  • Life Changer (Book 1)
    6.6K 220 38

    Ever get that feeling that someone is watching you? That at any moment, someone is going to jump out of a bush and scare you? Ever get that feeling? I have. I never wanted to meet him like this. I wanted to meet him somewhere, oh what's the word, NORMAL. Somewhere that's not the side of the road at midnight. He is hot...

  • I Know You're Gonna Be There- *Toews/Kane Short*
    767 27 1

    Patrick's an asshole to Jonathan but Jonathan could care less, all he wants to know is if Pat cares.

  • Hockey Imagines
    67K 552 28

    Feel free to leave requests in the comments or send me a message! -kylee

  • Tazer's Girl (Jonathan Toews)
    15K 184 12

    Chicago Blackhawks fan fiction about Sydney Kane (Patrick Kane's made up sister) and Blackhawks Captain Jonathan toews and romance

  • Hockey Imagines <3
    24.2K 210 8

    Hey Guys, This is going to be a whole book on a hockey imagines, comment and tell me about which player you want imagines on. So far the first imagine is on Tyler Seguin, be sure to check it out :) I can make them dirty if you guys want lol ;)

  • Witness Protection Program
    2.8K 86 9

    The black room began to close in. Sweat dripping from my body, where am I? The door flings open and a bright light is shining on me, Lord? I am greeted by a hug and a kiss on the cheek. "You are safe now." She whispers. I smile and am carried out into the light, and I am greeted by many different people, one bei...

  • Bruins and Other Teams Oneshots
    8K 120 15

    Request your very own one shot with you favorite player. Just tell me the name you of the girl (or guy) you want and the player!! sorry friends this work (well request work) is now onhold. im putting my attention on my sequel to YMT

  • The Hockey Games (A NHL Fan Fiction)
    1.6K 44 6

    Jonathan Toews the the famous NHL player in district 3 and is a role model to younger kids. For the past 4 years his name has been called to participate in The Hockey Games, but every year someone volunteers as tribute. Mr. Hot Shot never tries to stop the kid from taking his spot, but this year maybe things will chan...

  • NHL Imagines (Discontinued)
    34.3K 321 17

    Imagines for your Favourite NHL Players, comment requests & plot ideas. Super slow updates, if you request, don't worry... I don't forget about you, I'm just super busy and never have time to update.

  • Flash(A Sidney Crosby/James Neal Fan Fiction)
    33.2K 422 58

    ********************Unedited****************** **Katlin fell in love in Pittsburgh Penguins superstar Sidney Crosby. She has lived in Kentucky her whole life. She owns her own stable, along with her 5 horses. Katlin is not your normal teenage girl, she plays hockey. But when she gets a call saying that she has been se...

  • Shirts and Skins
    67.2K 759 39

    Lindsay Russell loves hockey, her life revolves around it. She's not looking for a relationship, but she knows she needs to date someone who has that same passion for hockey that she has. One day at work, she runs into Carolina Hurricanes forward Jeff Skinner. They have an instant connection. Will the two act on the c...

  • He Took Me Home
    21.5K 466 15

    Abigail Malkin was born in Canada but was adopted and raised into a Russian family. But when she turns eighteen she realizes that she wants to return home to find something she can't seem to find in Russia- love. She believes she can find it in Canada and she ends up flying to America to live with her brother Evgeni b...

  • Daddies Little Girl
    54.9K 471 11

    What happens when Blackhawks captain, Jonathan Toews, finds on he has a three year old daughter? Will he be great dad? Will he take the responsibility of the father role?

  • SHAWtastic(Andrew Shaw)
    6.9K 139 12

    Codie Hamilton (Madeline) You will get it when you read further. She LOVES Andrew Shaw. Her ONE GOAL in life is to fall in love with him and live her entire rest of her life with him. What happens when just one tweet changes everything? Read to find out!! Oh and BTW she has NO relation to Dougie Hamiton.

  • Lucky -Jonathan Toews Fan-fic (ON HOLD)
    74K 1K 25

    Emma Miller is a huge hockey lover and a current student at NYU. During the Christmas holiday, she picks up her brother Zac at the airport, and has brought an unexpectedly adorable friend along. Jonathan Toews, who plays with Zac on the Blackhawks. Jon and Emma soon fall for eachother-but can they keep their relations...

  • Hockey One Shots
    52.1K 546 32

    One shots of any NHL player you want (:

  • Getting To Know You
    1.3K 37 11

    Beau and Emily never knew each other before until an unthinkable thing happened to them both, what will they do?

  • Hockey Imagines! &lt;3
    189K 1.5K 64

    This book recognizes the fantasies of all girls interested in NHL players. I attempt to creatively evoke people's emotions influenced by NHL love interests. Simply being classified as just a ordinary crazy fan girl is nothing new but, through fantastical stories created by writers like myself, one can try to place the...

  • Becoming Mrs. Seguin
    232K 5.1K 42

    Christine Miller's lifelong dream was to graduate from Harvard University. The last thing she wanted to do was fall in love, especially since her previous relationship didn't end so well. Tyler Seguin, a young hockey player for the Boston Bruins, dreams of making history for his team. He's living the carefree single l...

  • His Eyes . Her Smile . They Were Meant To Be Together . (On Hold.)
    5.4K 46 4

    Catherine Letang is forced out of her home. With no where to go, the FBI forces her to go live with her brother, Kris Letang, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Having never been out of Canada before, Cat is frightened and skeptical. What happens when she meets James Neal, left wing for the Penguins, who seems to ease away...

  • Torn Apart (Sequel to Brutal Love) Sidney Crosby Fan Fiction
    239K 2.2K 77

    Jessica loses her memory, Sid's looking for her like Crazy. She finds herself among the Boston bruins, and begins falling for Tyler Seguin. Will Sid find her and get her memories back or will She move on?

  • Brutal Love! A Sidney Crosby Fan Fiction (Watty Awards 2013)
    129K 1.6K 38

    The day your eyes met mine, I knew it was love at first sight but I wasn’t sure you felt the same way about me… Jessica thought she had the perfect boyfriend, until he abused her. Sidney Crosby comes into her life and tries to free her from the abusive relationship but will she let her heart take over, or will she l...

  • Runaways(A Pittsburgh Penguins Fan Fiction)
    1.3K 48 12

    Jackie and James are runaways....from scientists. Along with the entire Pittsburgh Penguins team, they have one goal, and that is to be free. For years they have been lab rats, and they are finally breaking away. Their journey doesn't go as they planed. Jackie and James are best friends. Here is the story of how they...

  • A Hockey Story (Jordan Staal)
    31.8K 220 20

    A story about Penguins #11 Jordan Staal. He's falling for the owners daughter hard. Then when her parents leave for England and leave their house to their daughter Staal, Alex Ovechkin, Sidney Crosby, Marc-Andre Fleury, Derek Roy and her four friends. Life's a party or is it?

  • My Life With the Pittsburgh Penguins (Max Talbot)
    16.2K 212 18

    Sierra has always been friends with Jordan Staal of the Pittsburgh Penguins so when she starts falling for Max the player of the team will she end up getting hurt or will Max actually end his player ways to settle down with Sierra?

  • I Am... NHL Player one shots
    16.6K 227 27

    One shots of any NHL player you want! All you have to do is just comment what player you want :)

  • Family Tree
    286 12 4

    Elisabeth Manning, or Libby as her friends call her, was a nobody. She was the quite one all through school, and was a member of the basketball team. She was never sure of who her real family was, considering she was adopted at birth. The Manning's welcomed her into the family when she was only one month old. What ha...

  • You're Mine Tonight. (Toews fanfic)
    49.4K 783 24

    Lani. She needs the money to take care of herself and college night classes. Stripper. She also works at the United Center. Toews. Captain. He went to a strip bar with Kane. He meets Lani. Then he meets her again in an unexpected place. Will they connect? They set...

  • Let me Skate with You
    29.6K 435 30

    Patrice Bergeron. Everyone knows him as the Boston Bruins center. But do they know much about his little sister, MaryKay? With them being 4 years apart, they spend a lot of time together. When Patrice moves away from Canada to start his career, his parents and MKay move in with him. Patrice agrees to take MKay with hi...

  • The Assistant - A Patrick Kane Fanfic
    16.5K 330 14

    Laura couldn't believe her ears. Equipment assistant. For a whole day. How did this happen again?She was getting the opportunity of her dreams.Well,next to marrying a pro hockey player of course,(though that could wait). Later when she arrives at the United Center, she realizes she's captured a certain someones attent...