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  • Was it worth it? A LucarioxZoroark fanfic
    4K 155 14

    Zorren and Lyra were very close when they were young, and if it hadn't been for a very tragic accident, that friendship may have continued. After an unexpected disaster occurs and Zorren makes a very difficult decision, the two are left separated. However, it wouldn't be too long before they're reunited. How will the...

  • Trapped but Together
    18.8K 413 14

    An Umbreon and Sylveon are both trapped on an Island with no way off while at the same time trying to deal with each other.

  • Iconshippng: Type Reluctant
    4.4K 140 31

    *Going Through Major editing* "You can be a Pikachu..." "You can be energy.." "But I'll love you either way.." *First ever story* In a trainerless world, Pika, a reluctant thirteen year old Pikachu sets out on a journey to find his parents, who disappeared ten years prior. He also sets out to find who... or what.. he...

  • The Thief of Skystead
    439 54 15

    Azazel has been a thief for nearly a decade, always succeeding with ease and never being caught despite relentless pursuits. But when the general comes into town, he sets his sights on the heist of his lifetime: stealing from the most powerful man he'll ever meet. His efforts quickly land him in more trouble than he...

    Completed   Mature
  • Life At High (Boy x Boy Furry stuff)
    17.6K 205 17

    This wolf named Ryan that is in his first year of high school after moving he finds a special someone that makes him feel a way he never did before.

  • The Time Brothers (a Lucario misadventure story)
    653 4 21

    Two Pokémon stumble upon the tardis and decide to go on a joy ride and end up going on multiple misadventures this book describes all of them. This is also spinoff of a strange turn of events they will cross paths with Y/N and Luca in multiple stories.

  • Forever Intertwined (Mewtwo x reader)
    41.5K 1.3K 26

    Y/n is an independent girl living in a small town. She's about as average as it gets. She goes to school, does her work, and is a bit of a tomboy. All you would expect, but there's something, that if people had only stopped and taken the time to see her, really see her. They would have seen something unique and beauti...

  • Four Paws and A Tale
    9.6K 341 54

    Pokemon fanfic; Jacob was you're standard 17 year old guy when all of a sudden he's not! Will he be able to make it home? I mean the only things stopping him are a pokemon out for revenge, a crazy Vulpix and the need to distort Time Space. Good luck to our hero! Comments are welcomed! *Rated M+15, +32,000 words ** Dis...

    Completed   Mature
  • An Eevee's Tail
    74 4 2

    A Shiny Flareon had hatches out of an egg, thinking of what life will be like, not knowing that she is different. But, she doesn't know of the harsh, cold times ahead of her.

  • Guardian of the Forests
    2.6K 192 26

    Hano Shijian, a boy from Unova, thinks he's normal. He doesn't think he's special. However, the Council of Legends knows that isn't true. After Celebi sacrifices herself to prevent Dialga's rage from destroying everything around him, they realize she has chosen Hano to be her replacement. Now, with a few new legendary...

  • Forsaken
    807 41 21

    (Ongoing) (Mewtwo x Mew) Being a Legendary isn't always a good thing--they realized that too late when the world came to an end. Despite their failure, Arceus mercifully gave them another chance, but at a cost: They had agreed in a previous life to become mortal again should they have failed to uphold their duties. Al...

  • Handle with Care
    1K 30 15

    (Ongoing) (Mewtwo x Mew) Having been loving mates for five years, Mew desires for a baby, even though Mewtwo feels the opposite, believing he cannot have offspring. As strong as their bond is, receiving nothing but bad news and unfortunate events slowly tears them apart and pushes their relationship to the edge. A fra...

  • Pokémon school RP
    1.5K 34 7

    This is middle school and high school only. Sorry!

  • Pawprints (✅)
    103 24 1

    2nd Place Winner of The Wicked Awards 2018 3rd Place Winner of The Mountain Awards 2018 Best Title Winner of The Wicked Awards 2018 ••• This is a story about a little girl that is desperate to be loved, whether it be by human or beast. • • • [I DO NOT OWN ANY ARTWORK OR MUSIC] Cover done by the amazing @YunaHongo!