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  • After You've Gone [Sudah Terbit]
    1.3M 55.6K 32

    [SUDAH TERBIT] After You've Gone "Karena kamu hidupku jadi berwarna" oleh Ardelia Karisa _______________ Jika dianalogikan, kehidupan Sam itu mirip dengan masakan barat yang berbumbu minimalis. Tapi, tidak lagi setelah satu orang paling berharga hilang dari hidupnya. Boom! Semuanya berubah. Kini masakan Ind...

  • The Lovely Suicide Children
    1.7M 122K 83

    They say every dead person has a home. Olivia found her home with The Lovely Suicide Children. At first, it was everything she could ever imagine. However, the first impressions are usually wrong. (Trigger warnings)

    Completed   Mature
  • Hide and Seek
    9.9M 330K 38

    How does your night go from a game of Hide and Seek with your best friend, to your parents being murdered the same night? On top of that, you're sent to live with your mother and father's best friend, Mrs. and Mr. Harmon. Although Emily and her brother have no idea who these people are, they're given the luxury life a...