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  • Zombie Apocalypse
    48.1K 1.5K 10

    Ellie has been alone almost since the zombie apocalypse started, until she meets Tucker. Scared of being by herself again she reluctantly agrees to go to a supposed "safe zone" set up in Texas. Will Ellie's prediction be right and they find an overrun camp? Or will they find civilization?

  • The Journey Of Two: Book 1: Face The Choice
    370 15 32

    The war between Zucrandar and Xclusia has lasted for two decades and has yet to reach it's climax. On it's wit's end, the royal family of Xclusia has finally found someone who can turn their fate for the better: twin amnesiac royals from Zucrandar. Mark and his twin sister Miranda go on a mission to scout, when they a...