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  • Twelve Years Old - (A Naruto Fanfic)
    2.4K 145 12

    No. I cannot believe this. I did not want to go through this phase again. I'm nineteen years old. I'm in college. This shouldn't be happening to me. Not because of a silly little wish I made when I was twelve. If anything, why seven years late? Why would you wait seven years to finally send me to the Naruto world and...

  • Lost (Book 2 of the KITD series)(NWA Third Place Kakashi winner.)
    59.4K 2.6K 13

    (IF YOU HAVE NOT READ KIDS IN THE DARK, DO NOT READ THIS) (CONTAINS SPOILERS) Meiko Sarutobi was a girl who would give up everything for anyone that she cared about. She loved everyone she met in a way. But she loved no one more than she loved Kakashi Hatake. Kakashi and her used to be the worlds best 'couple.' They...

  • Master of All Beasts
    780K 39.8K 56

    "People are afraid of what they don't understand. I realize that humans can lost their humanity on what they hate. And that last sentence alone already scares me." Karasu was abused physically, mentally, and emotionally, that her heart slowly became numb. When she saved her home, everyone called her a 'demon', and her...

  • I Am Not Just Your Little Puppet {A Kankuro Love Story}
    40.1K 909 14

    This is a Kankuro love story that I wrote/am writing on Quizilla, so I'm transferring it :) I hope y'all like it! messagerateenjoy!? :D Author: Sora

  • Soft Smile.... (Sakura's sister) (Completed)
    162K 5.3K 13

    Hotaru was loved by her family until they found out she was not able to form any type of medical ninjutsu,her mother was dissapointed Kizashi her father was outraged and began hating Hotaru,Sakura just hated Hotaru because she was prettier and more confident than her.Sakura began bullying her sister....When Hotaru had...

  • Kids In The Dark (A Kakashi Love Story) (1st Place in NWA Kakashi 2015)
    157K 5.7K 18

    Meiko Sarutobi is the younger sister of Asuma Sarutobi, and a complete troublemaker. During the day, she is a beautiful, funny, sweet, and all around amazing girl to be around. But when night comes, she becomes a reckless teenager with a bad attitude. Her name changes from Meiko to 'Six.' Her and her friends are resp...

  • Konohas Traitors (Book Two Of The YASAD Series)
    81.2K 3.4K 27

    Kruno Inuzuka. A name that belonged to a smiling girl, who loved everyone and everything around her, and would give up anything for anyone. A girl who loved a boy very much, and thought he loved her as well. But now that name belongs to a girl with stone cold eyes, a rare smile, a broken heart, and an S-Rank Criminal...

  • Return Of The Lost Youth (A Naruto Fan-Fiction) (A Neji Hyuga love story) (ON HOLD.)
    4.3K 231 4

    Kemino was born to the beautiful princess Kemi Mano, and the copy cat ninja Kakashi Hatake. She was born into her mother side of the family, and her father stayed around for nearly a year. But soon after that, he was called back to the village hidden in the leaves, and had to leave his beautiful girlfriend, and most p...

  • A Bug's Life (A Shino Aburame Love Story and Naruto Shippuden Fanfiction) ON HOLD
    22.4K 922 13

    Hotaru is pretty average, though she may not look it. Freshly out of the Chunin Exams and ready to flaunt her new rank, she's sent on a special S-Rank mission with the Hidden Leaf by Lord Gaara. After meeting a whole crew of odd shinobi, she comes to find Shino is very interesting. Very. Insteresting.

  • Falling For Bug Boy? (Shino Love Story)
    87K 3.9K 12

    Chika believes in being friendly to people. Even if they were really creepy and had bugs crawling all over them. Over the years, she has been one of Shino's true friends. After a while, he begins to act oddly around her. Well, more odd than how he normally is. To add more into the awkwardness of the situation, Chika b...

  • Bugs and Butterflies (Shino Love Story)
    75.4K 3.1K 13

    "I don't know why but I find you so captivating," he told me. I didn't know of his expression because his face was hidden. "You opposite my Kekkei Genkai, I'm intrigued," "It's not that big of a deal, Shino," I said. "It is that big of a deal to me," he paused then continued. "You're a big deal to me."

  • You are such a drag (A Shikamaru Nara Fan Fiction) (COMPLETED)
    124K 3.6K 17

    Kruno Inuzuka was kidnapped when she was six years old from her home in the hidden leaf village. Now, six years later, she has returned to find her brother Kiba, and her two best friends, Shikamaru and Sasuke. When she first comes back, she believes that everything will be okay. She has to believe that. She would go i...

  • naruto | dreams of mist |
    2.2K 162 9

    ~~~~~~~|~~~~~~<<<<<<<~~~~~~|~~~~~~~~ Uta Yuki is a Shinobi from the Hidden Mist village. Her life has taken a tragic turn. Until she meets 3 fellow Shinobi. And falls in love with one of them. But she has to face her past soon instead of running from it. And there will be consequences ~~~~~~~~~~~~~<<<<<<<<<<<~~~~~~...

  • The Wolf Inside - A Naruto Fanfic - Watty Award Winner 2013
    4.3M 92.5K 69

    ****Winner of the Most Popular Naruto Fanfic Watty Award 2013/14**** **Currently being rewritten as the original is old and awful in this author's opinion** A coming of age story about a young Ninja, confused and hurt by the instances in her past, struggling to find her place and figure out what it all means. Can the...

  • Being Blonde! (Naruto Fanfic/ShikaNaru)
    58.1K 2.2K 2

    When there's a rumor going around Konoha that Shikamaru has a thing for blondes, Temari and Ino started arguing which blonde it is. When they don't know is that everyone (except a few people) already know which blonde Shikamaru likes, but which blonde is it? A blonde with whiskers and a love for orange. (2 chapter sto...

  • Hozuki Shingetsu (Naruto Fanfic)
    13.5K 477 9

    Hozuki Shingetsu lived in the Kirigakure with her two brothers Mangetsu and Suigetsu. This is a story about her life and how it was changed over many years. Her brothers were both taken from her, though in different ways, and she felt alone until one day when her thought to be long lost sibling returns and takes her o...

  • Just One More Month (Naruto Fanfic)
    47.7K 2.6K 13

    Kamamachi Eiko. A strong, almost twenty-one year old woman who has been hospitalized. For fourteen years. Finally, after years of failed tries to be cured, she is being let go. It's exactly as the title says. Eiko Kamamachi has just one more month to do all she wants. Just one more month to try sake. Just...

  • The Sun & The Fox ( Naruto FanFic)
    9.9K 457 10

    She was the last of her clan. She was the last of the Sun, the last of the Amaterasu Clan that was a mystery of other Clans. She was founded and brought to Konoha where she lived with the lone silver wolf. He was the troublemaker. Hated by all the villager without him knowing the reason. He was alone. He just wanted t...

  • Turning of Time (Naruto Fanfic) [hiatus]
    22.9K 1.4K 56

    Sara woke up in a meadow in the middle of a forest, along with three little kids, Daiki, Junichi, and Ayaka. She has almost no memory, but still knows how to fight and survive as a ninja. All four start the trek to the closest village, konkhagakura. But what on earth happened to them, and even more importantly, what w...

  • Kakashi's Daughter! Book One: The Struggles of Becoming A Ninja!
    604K 14K 34

    The famous Kakashi Hatake of the Sharingan has a 12 year old daughter named Shiori. She plans on becoming a strong shinobi and won't let anything get in her way. After joining Team 7, she learns more things about her self, starts to grow as a person and shinobi; eventually falling for the person she least expected, S...

  • Blood Runs Out...
    891 51 8

    Navia Uchiha is the twin of Itachi Uchiha and big sister to Sasuke Uchiha. How does one cope with with being kidnapped and used as a guinea pig at fourteen? Will she ever get back to her beloved family...... The only thing is...Will the Navia they get back, be the same one they lost?....And can a certain masked, silve...

  • So, I'm Actually In Naruto [HIATUS]
    16.3K 828 17

    Summary: Jordan Tenina is your average 12/13 year old girl who loves anime and manga! Normal right? Wrong! One night she wishes to go into her recently re-read manga, Naruto. Nothing happens at first, but she is knocked unconscious. When she regains that consciousness, she finds herself beside THE Kakashi

  • The Feeling of Darkness... (Naruto fanfic)
    2.2K 104 9

    A child with red hair and blue eyes was born with the power to control others. As he grew up his own clan feared him knowing he was strong, to strong. Kanaye tried over and over again to escape the hell he called home many times, though all those times he tried he failed. His clan wasn't a kind one either, they knew h...

  • Scroll 1: Kimura Uchiha (a Naruto fanfic) {Old Version}
    32.6K 2K 51

    Kimura Uchiha was always a good person. She was kind to others, unlike some of the villagers. So why is it that she had to lose her entire family, her friends, and her identity all in one day? Read Kimura's diary to find out all about her life. ------------------------------ Masashi Kishimoto owns Naruto! Hear that Ki...

  • In Love with the Butterfly (Choji Love-Story)
    7.4K 247 6

    Misaki Yuhi is the niece of Kurenai Yuhi and beat friend of Choji Akimichi. She has a good relationship with him but the only problem is always moving, no thanks to her parent's secretive work...after leaving her home village for 7 years, Saki finally returns back to the Leaf, encountering friendly faces and places. N...

  • Hidden Lies.(Wow, isn't My Life Perfect) (Gaara Story)
    34K 426 32

    Season is just an every day average girl. Her best friend is Naruto, Sensai is Kakashi and her sister is the loudmouth of the village. Sure she's only 12 but her life is about to change when she meats a certain someone and when something huge happens to her. Her sister falls in love with her Sensai. She meets family m...

  • Hatake Kakashi: Fascination
    229K 5.9K 44

    Kakashi thinks he's in for a nice break, free from students, after Naruto's recent departure with Jiraiya, but he hadn't counted on a beautiful stranger turning up in Konoha whom Tsunade thinks would become a powerful asset were she to be trained as ninja. Here begins a slow fascination Kakashi hadn't ever imagined...

  • In His Daughter's Eye's
    159K 3K 50

    I do not own any of the NARUTO Characters, just my OC Henna Yamanaku

  • Kakashi's Daughter
    58.9K 2K 17

    I do not own Naruto. Lucy thinks she is normal, well mostly normal if normal meant avoiding beatings from your dad who isn't even your dad and having strange red eyes that had like four pupils and being a champ fighter and a lot of other things. yeah that is her life and she likes it that way. One day she...

  • Book 1: The Scarlet Eyes (Naruto-Sasuke Series Complete)
    1M 32.5K 31

    It is well known how Naruto was born on the Nine tails attack. His parents perished and a great loss came upon the Leaf Village. But what if he wasn't the only one born on that day? What if deep in the village a baby was born, and her birth was only known to 3 people in the entire world? What if she was from a distinc...

    Completed   Mature