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  • Jokes, Riddles, and Other Philosophical Insights
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    So this is just for me to do whatever depending on the mood I'm in. It's a way to get my feelings out, and also a way to show you what kind of person I am. So I hope you enjoy this inside look of who I am, but please don't use it against me to do whatever creeps do. Thanks! -Misty

  • The Adventures of Kala: A D&D Tale
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    Kala is a Cleric from the Life Domain, and also a Dragonborn. When she was young, her father had to abandon her and gave her to the church. She was raised by her church family, and grew especially close to Bringa, a dwarf and the Head Cleric. Bringa inspired Kala to pursue her dream of becoming a cleric herself and he...

  • Book of Magic
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    A handy start guide to the worlds of magic, including theories on magical laws and fundamental principles, as well as all-new fantastical short stories from the author!

  • Warrior Cats Last Words
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    All the last words of the Warrior cats! Just put in a request on the Request chapter if you want to know what your Warrior's last words were! Shoutout to MysteriousCurl for *inspiring* me to do this.

  • Dragoneria (IN REVISION)
    486 29 5

    Long, long ago, there lived a beautiful young queen of a fair, sweet, and gentle disposition. Throughout her kingdom, she was adored for her kind heart and graceful beauty. Commonfolk came from all throughout Aspenfall Valley, asking her what her secret was to her compassion. To each she would always reply, "You are m...

  • Pyra (IN REVISION)
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    As a 16-year-old in high school, Ruby's life is filled with grades, boyfriends, and annoying teachers. As a pyrokinetic, her ability to manipulate and create fire sometimes gets in the way of normalcy. When she saves her school from burning down and survives without a trace of injury, the wrong kinds of people start q...

  • Frosted
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    In a countryside town in the province of Ontario, Canada, a young girl named Ariel wakes up to find herself trapped in Elsa's body. She rounds up her friends, escaping her parents, and together they set off through the woods to try and fix the dilemma. She secretly fears that she will become Elsa entirely, but hides h...