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  • My First loves a thug
    1M 24.1K 35

    Astardi is a 16 year old girl who lives in Harlem with her brother Justin. She falls for this thug named Kendrick. They gone have they ups and downs especially since he a damn thug man! Life isn't always perfect for this drama queen Astardi. She's about to start her junior year! Well lets see how this go's (;

  • Thuggette
    891K 21.9K 29

    Kai Wright is one of the most popular girls in school. She's brown skinned, 5'8, curly hair, smart, just an all around catch but she's not your average girl.

    2.7M 82.3K 54

    My name is Dream. Wanna know why? cause when i walk past a guy they think they're dreaming...but im not one to brag cause i been through so much. My real name is Dezyre Marquette Smith. Im from the streets of LA but i moved after i got my little bundle of joy. Im the babymama of a thug named Darious AKA Drizzy. He was...

    Completed   Mature
  • Gold Digger
    1.1M 43.8K 19

    Gold "Goldie" Monroe is a seventeen-year-old born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. She lives in Glenwood projects, where you can hope to make it out of. Her mother taught her from an early age that love, and men ain't shit, and that money is the only thing you need. Everything is going good for Gold until she has to...

    Completed   Mature
  • A Mixed Chick .
    48.8K 983 25

    Copy Writed © Rated ® and urban legend tale of a girl name Jessica her life and what she's going through parental a vision is a vise strong language and profanity sexual activities and many more so this book is not for you get the fuck ...

  • Another Man
    40.1K 1.6K 34

    I knew what you thinking ..whats the point of getting a another man if you already got one right ? Wrong! .. Even though me and my man has bin together for so long doesn't mean I'm unfaithful I'm simply helping our relationship by adding a additional hand ..I mean "What he dont know won't hurt him" . You see this woul...

  • Street Love
    2.5M 75.5K 38

    Who ever said a boy and a girl cant be best friends? Starr and King are best friends! Starr is the baddest chick in the streets of LA and King is literally the Dope King. But they share more than friendship with each other! Read Street Love...

    Completed   Mature
  • Hold You Down
    1.9M 42.5K 13

    Your suppose to hold your man down no matter what..right?That's exactly what Trinity been doing for Chance since they we're little kids, she's always had his back. Now Chance is a major drug Kingpin making big moves, and he's been changing and is haven't been for the better. How long can she hold a man down who seems...

    Completed   Mature
  • Thuggin love
    2.1K 59 7

  • A Dangerous Love: Addicted To Him
    2.4M 35.1K 34

    SAMPLE ONLY! CH'S 1-2 Copyright © 2013 By: JPeach Young, smart and independent twenty-four-year old Peaches Johnson is trying to enjoy life to its fullest. But her overprotective and controlling brother, King, always stand in the way of everything that she wants, freedom. That is until she meets Blaze. Blaze, a frien...

    Completed   Mature
  • Hood love
    341K 8.6K 70

    My first book here on wattpad...I could've done better but bare with me i n this i actually hate this book but anyway ENJOY

  • I Think I Like Thugs !
    4K 59 15

    This Is My First Book I Hope You Like It ! Enjoy !

  • From Church girl to lover girl
    4.5K 97 9

    Your dad is a pastor at a church. Your parents taught you to be this good church girl. And in your eyes god always comes first(for now) you have 2 best friends named Mimi and Lexi (lex). You don't really get out. All that chances when you meet your new Neighbor dre and his brother ray. Your dad tells you to stay away...