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  • Drown
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    Isaac craved freedom. Freedom from the betrayal of those around him, his father's control, and perhaps even himself. Then he met Alaric, the older man with the warm eyes ... and everything changed. "I grinned, rejoicing in the feel of the wind blowing past my face and the disheveling of my hair. It felt like flying, i...

  • Hidden. (by seasidestyles-original copy)
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    2014 Watty Award Winner rose does not like harry. and harry does not like rose. but perhaps the looming threat of a ruthless mastermind and a shady corporate conspiracy can change that for them. because to her, he was like the moon-part of him was always hidden. cover art by @hotteas BY SEASIDESTYLES(I DO NOT OWN THIS...

  • Evergreen [h.s.]
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    the story of how luna and harry are brought together through a forgotten birthday, dirty family secrets and a beautiful forest full of evergreen trees. --------- Original story by: former username @seasidestyles. THIS WAS WRITTEN BY TESS. Not by me. Not by anyone else. I'm just posting this because I realized I saved...