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  • The Bachelor (Published under Pop Fiction)
    20.9M 387K 36

    [PUBLISHED UNDER POP FICTION, AN IMPRINT OF SUMMIT MEDIA] One competition, one man, twenty-five women, and a bet. Zachary Astor wanted to be the Bachelor for one purpose alone: to prove to his friends that he can ditch twenty-five women without ever looking back at any of them. But will he stand on to his words when h...

  • Reasons He Left | ✔
    1.3M 75.9K 75

    01 in Short story [15-01-17] ❝he left her, but why?❞ In which Eva lived a perfect life until her fiancé left her. He left her without giving a reason. [Told through a series of text messages, voicemails] (cover : calalu)

  • Coach's Number One
    9.2M 346K 72

    #1 Teen Fiction | #1 Young Adult THE LOVE INTEREST THROUGHOUT THE NOVEL IS NOT TEACHER X STUDENT AS IT MIGHT APPLY AT THE START. Hot swim captain, adorable best friend, cute swim coach and that's only just the beginning... Grace Connaway has always known how important her mother's career was to her. What she didn't k...

  • Heartbreakers For Hire (TO BE PUBLISHED 2019)
    183K 9.9K 6

    ❝Every girl has that one guy. That one guy they'd like to hug. With a chair. Or a truck. Or a hammer. That one guy who broke their heart, ruined their idea of love and gave them a life lesson on the value of a good man. What if that one guy happened for a reason? What if he was sent by the heartbreakers service, a mag...

  • Smooth Sailing ✓
    1.2M 63.9K 32

    ❝"Are you deaf?" "No," he shook his head, shrugging. "But I am blind."❞ *** MEET LILA: A perfectionist and somewhat sarcastic seventeen year old. As a part-time barista in a bakery, and a high school student, her life proved to be mediocre, until a certain sight-impaired guy walked i...

  • The Bad Boy In Pajamas
    18.5M 658K 50

    Join Chase and Carli in their quirky journey towards discovering themselves and each other.

  • Book of Cringe
    125K 8.4K 80

    A sample of cringey stories from all fandoms and scenarios, to make you feel better about your own writing. Also, I occasionally rant.

  • midnight thoughts
    3.5M 231K 172

    "Some find light during morning. I find mine during midnight." Highest: #1 in poetry All Rights Reserved © John Schorwinson 2017 A compilation of short poems and quotes written by yours truly. Marvellous cover made by @soundthealarm

  • Through His Eyes
    8.4M 381K 35

    What do you think would happen if you started seeing glimpses through your soulmate's eyes, knowing you're due to meet them in a week? [Book #1 of The Soulmate Series] © felicitate | 2015

  • I Almost Killed My Crush's Mom
    8M 367K 41

    I, Lois Mai Reynolds, am all kinds of clumsy. I fall over flat surfaces. I drop expensive vases, and miraculously find ways to trip over thin air. Not a day has passed by when I'm not wearing a Band-Aid for some kind of accident that I've endured, and it's stooped to the level now that my parents call me King Kong and...

  • Don't Give Up
    3.8M 129K 32

    "I'm pregnant." and "I never cared." are two deadly sentences that Aerial Mason never wants anyone to say to her. So how ironic is it when those exact words are said by her best friend and the one she loves the most?

  • Ten Reasons Not To Die
    4.7M 346K 12

    "Give me ten days, and I can give you ten reasons not to die." Evan paused. "And if I can't change your mind by then, you can go jump off that cliff."

  • The Gangleader Kidnapped Me | ✓
    12.6M 578K 54

    "You're an asshole," I blurted. "You're such an asshole that your actual asshole is jealous." Silence. What the hell did I just say? Out of all the insults, I choose one that makes the least sense? Damn it, why couldn't I just have been born normal... Wait, never mind. Psh, screw sanity. "Can we keep her?" Tyler sud...

  • Then You Are Gone
    477K 50.7K 65

    ❝It's so amazing what a person can do just by leaving.❞ PARIS KESSLER texts Hannah Rod, drunk, mistaking her as his ex-girlfriend, and gets roasted after refusing to believe he's texting a wrong number. Annoyed the next day, he refuses to stop bothering her. The two continue texting, their cold conversation slowly tur...

  • The Girl In Black | ✅
    18.3M 878K 75

    TFA 2018 winner for best action story! HR: #1 in Teen Fiction Unedited/First Draft "You don't belong here." He answers, pauses and continues; "This school will never accept you. These people will never be your friends. I will make sure of it," Isaac smirks and leans against the locker next to me. The entire student...

  • Hating The Player
    30.9M 1.1M 43

    || Highest Rank - #1 in Teen Fiction and #5 in Romance || Melody Carson has been in the same class as Tyson McCannon since primary school. She's watched him play with girls, set the school on fire, skip classes, prank teachers, smoke behind the school, break the law, get into fights with other guys for fun and even w...

  • He Wants Revenge
    22.6M 856K 65

    || Highest Rank - #3 in Teen Fiction || Amanda thought she had found the love of her life. She had everything perfectly planned out; the university she would attend, the car she would drive, the house she would own, the place she would get married and even the money she would earn. Much to her dismay, all her plans...

  • That Nerd
    30.1M 1.3M 65

    || Highest Rank - #1 in Teen Fiction || Ever broken into Disney World at three in the morning? Ever pranked the police and almost gotten arrested for it? Ever played paintball at the park in nothing but your underwear? Maya hasn't. But she is about to... Dylan Thompson is the most popular guy in the school and is s...

  • The Shine Awards [closed]
    6.2K 652 33

    A brand-new awards created to make your story shine!

  • the cosmic awards 2018 | judging
    13.3K 680 5

    [ status : judging ] because, haven't you ever felt undiscovered, and underrated? that you deserve to win? that you aren't a shitty writer? then, participate in the cosmic awards 2018, where our goal is to put you amongst the stars; to adorn you with all the appreciation and love you deserve as a magnificent autho...

  • suicide plant | ✔
    17K 2.9K 11

    events that planted a suicide. [Highest Ranking: #46 in Short Story] -•- (lowercase intentional for aesthetic purposes) TRIGGER WARNING! this book discusses events that lead up to a suicide. (there are NO gruesome scenes in this story.) if you are feeling suicidal, please seek professional help. you are loved by so ma...

  • The Blonde Cheerleader
    2M 95.4K 45

    In every stupid and cliché teen fiction story, there's always the blonde cheerleader that people think is a complete bitch and acts as the sinister antagonist of the story. Sorry to disappoint, but I'm that blonde cheerleader that people think is a complete bitch and acts as the sinister antagonist of the story. Is it...

  • Stay With Me
    42M 1.9M 44

    | ranked #1 | 01.12.2017| | completed | 11.13.2017| | Winner of The 2017 Fiction Awards "Best Teen Fiction" | It's finally winter break, which means Amelia, Aiden, and the rest of their friends get to enjoy a well deserved vacation at the beach house. After all the drama, the death of Aiden's step-father, and Aide...

  • 50 Facts About John
    51.2K 5.5K 56

    This book is kinda nonsense and I'm just gonna spill some trivial informations about myself. And no wtf I'm not Cole Sprouse.

  • I Broke Into The Alpha's House ✔
    8.8M 301K 46

    Highest rank: #2 in Werewolf She was running from her brother, into the woods then suddenly she found a big house and the lights were turned on. She didn't waste any second and opened the door to the house to see more than 20 males watching a football game, they turned to look at her, amused and alarmed. " Please he...

  • She's With Me
    133M 4.9M 66

    | ranked #1 | 08.27.2015| | completed | 08.25.2016| | winner of a Talk of the Town WATTY 2016 | | Winner of The 2016 Fiction Awards "Best Teen Fiction" | When Amelia Collins moves to a new town to escape her dark past, she just wants to keep her head down and finish her senior year. Her plans change drastically whe...

  • Tall Girls | ✓
    67.9K 8.5K 22

    about a girl who lost her confidence because of her height. Copyright © 2016 by Sarah Wells. All Rights Reserved

  • Project Aphrodite ✓
    616K 26.1K 16

    When Clarissa Arevalo's boyfriend two times and dumps her for another girl, she goes to female-expert Sebastian Ashford, asking him to help aid her to have a makeover to completely transform her into a different, more attractive person.

  • King | j.b
    862K 37.3K 36

    King Justin Bieber. He was a man, hated by everyone in the kingdom for his brutal and inhumane ways. The villagers despised his acts of violence and never truly understood his evil intentions. Every year, on September 14th, the king would go to the village and select a villager to work as his servant. Ariana was a...

  • The Masquerade Awards 2017-2018
    13.5K 1.1K 19

    [don't come in here] ❝Behind every mask, there's an author, and behind that a story.❞ Hello, and welcome to The Masquerade Awards 2017-2018! This is an award book for anyone who wants to share their story, regardless of the number of reads you have. So please, if you're interested, don't hesitate to join and fill out...