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  • The Broken Record
    7.6K 388 12

  • Holtaria: The Resistance
    303 28 5

    After being taken from his homeland and separated from his lover, to be sold as a slave, Kal Lori’han’s life takes a swift turn for the worst. Now his one goal is to find and rescue Mertha, but in doing so, he must face demons far greater than he ever anticipated. Kal’s journey takes him on a whirlwind ride through de...

  • The Stepsisters' Diary of Musical Tidbits
    1.8K 90 9

    ♪ ♫ ♩ ♬ ♭ ♮ ♯ Sakhi Thompson is far from perfect and ordinary. Her silly, mundane life is satisfying enough, until it takes a spiraling turn when her father remarries and brings back with him more than just a stepmother. Add to that a job that suddenly picks up, bringing with it the craziest, most condescending book w...

  • Marked
    1.4K 71 3

    With half of the weekend already gone, you make your way home right after getting out of the campus. Along the way, you stop on your tracks as you spot on envelope lying on the ground. Curious as to what's inside, you pick it up and take it with you. You shouldn't have.

  • Leon's Story
    573 61 1

    No words could truly recreate Leon's story and do it justice, but this is a writer's best attempt at doing so.

  • A Dark and Luminous Violet
    184 17 4

    In the Pacific Northwestern town of Celeste, a community is still shell-shocked from a flaming tragedy, and no one is having more trouble blocking out the memories than Wes Tate. With a seemingly broken family, no money, and too many responsibilities, he can’t think of a worse time to sort through feelings than now. ...

  • Encrypted
    314 15 1

    With a gift comes a curse, and for Juliana Marks, her gift was wit and her curse a hell-stricken temper. She was uncontrollable, some would say, following impulsion and doing things only the way she wished. When uprising business tycoon Steven Cast stumbles upon Juliana and demands her to be his or else her family wil...

  • Beauty Has Awoken
    1K 59 1

    Also written by the talented and delightful DoodleChick. In this modern day retelling of Sleeping Beauty, Aurora awakens to find that life isn't all that fairy tales cuts it out to be.

  • Fading Stars
    6.5K 381 9

    When a drunken beggar opens up a new world of opportunities to Luke, he is thrust into a journey of elephantine consequence. Spurred on by a bunch of grouchy gnomes and an omen in the form of disappearing stars, Luke must decide between what he wants or the hopes and dreams of a mysterious girl he meets along the way...

  • Awakening
    274 12 9

    People always wake up from a nightmare sooner or later. But what happens if the ability to tell the difference from dreams and reality is lost? (Not very good, but my first attempt at writing a semi-cohesive story. Hope you enjoy!)

  • Rivercreek Crossing
    899K 21.6K 37

    Reese Caldwell has a secret weapon - she talks with her dead twin brother. Together they hunt the scum of the earth, child killers and rapists, and take justice into their own hands. When a world renowned psychic medium unexpectantly enters Reese's life, she is confronted with hiding her secret and compelled to find h...

  • Unbrokenworld: The Crystal Caves
    276K 22.4K 74

    "The world is not what you think..." Section 147 is a place no one is ever meant to escape. Remote and isolated. Cut off from the rest of humanity. Guarded day and night by uniformed Soldiers and surrounded by massive walls of stone. To the people who call it home, this is how things have always been. For them, no ot...

  • The Ways We Become Undone [ON HOLD]
    5.8K 369 19

    Sometimes you meet someone and your universe sort of just explodes, because even the sea gets tired of happy endings. Life is tragic and I witnessed a tragedy. ** After three years of keeping dark secrets, eighteen year old Helen Kumar wants to unveil it all. She knows who killed Sebastian, the boy who almost burned h...

  • RENAISSANCE 2.0 Book 1 - Sample Chapters
    16.8K 1.3K 69

    A collapsed global economy. And a world gone to hell. People going postal. There seems but one thing to do: cave in to the Herculean pressures, or use them to transform from the human to the transhuman. So is born the Renaissance types of the early 21st Century. One in particular, Robin Baker, may be destined to le...

    Completed   Mature
  • How We Live Now
    1.5K 123 13

    The world has crumbled and all that we know has been changed forever. The Agorian race has taken over our planet and there are only two choices in life: surrender and become a slave, or run and find a way to survive. Hope is all I have left, but when I finally find the chance for a normal existence, I know I will hav...