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  • Sonic Boom:The Returnity Of The Sonic Underground
    29.6K 426 21

    It's been eight year's since Sonic got separated from them.... His siblings, his old friends, and his mother. He though he got away from his past, that is until today.Will his friends find out? How will they react? And most of all.... Is Sonic and his siblings are the only children of Queen Aleena? Who is their father...

  • All Star High (Sonic in high school Fan fiction)
    41.3K 1K 23

    This is All Star High. Like any other high school it's got it's reputation, it's star students and it's bullies. But it also has a new teacher, young Miss Rose. A pink hedgehog that starts teaching math, and wins the hearts of her students (the good and the bad ones) in more ways than one. Welcome the cast of my sto...

  • Destiny
    8.4K 174 21

    Legends fortold a legend of a hero. The legend was passed down generation to generation until one fateful day. Out of nowhere, a peculiar cobalt blue blur protected his homeland from the mad scientist's wrath and made friends and allies along the way. But nobody know of the blue blur's past. And nobody knows that it...

  • The Prophecy
    10.4K 359 32

    The prophecy was Wrong Fake Lies False truth This is the true story of how the royal triplets and their friends defeated Dr. Robotnik But in the end the real villain is destroyed, but who is it? ~ please read notifications for any information Hope you in joy Dream7896

  • The Speed Demon
    20.9K 852 33

    Sonic has never told any one his most dangerous secret But when him, Shadow and Silver swap body's he will have to tell or the whole world could be destroyed ~ please read notifications for any information Thanks Dream7896

  • Sweet to Bad (sonamy) (COMPLETED)
    8K 205 22

    Amy Rose is a teenager who goes to highschool.She got bullied but her crush always helped her.One day,Amy was in the woods and found a old man.Old man knew Amy's life and knew she was to sweet.Amy gets cursed and something bad happens. *WARNING* There will be raping and harm.Very sexual and dirty enjoy!

  • The Last Meeting And End Goodbyes ✔
    3.9K 188 32

    I Give Up... I learned how to let go. for my 2 loved ones have their own happy ending. what about me? I still don't know what to do now. It is hard to let go and giving up is easy. But it's hard to move on because I am still living in the past. I wish I didn't met him. How I wish I was saved by someone who'll love...

  • A mission for a Rose
    5.2K 159 21

    Meet Amelia Rosabel, or Amy Rose for short. She just your ordinary, sweet, innocent little girl. Well, that was until she had an argument with the blue speedster himself, Sonic. She left over the years to protect her family afterward. See what happens when she returns back to her hometown.

  • Sonic and the Chaos Kingdom AU
    17.3K 374 22

    Sonic is made king after his 23rd Birthday celebration, and let me tell you, he's not too thrilled about it. Only a little while later, Prince Shadow threatens his reign with a rebellious attack! War rages as Sonic must now be the king his father once was. Using the help of his friends,General Knuckles the Barbarian...

  • Don't Worry (Sonamy)
    1.7K 47 6

    sequel to Can I Trust You Don't Spoil Our Wedding Don't Touch Us

  • {Sonic} Campus Life
    21.1K 530 24

    Oh you know the story. The new girl comes to a new high school and befriends a group of people, while slowly gaining a crush on the popular boy who messes with her...That's not what happens here. Amy and her best friend Cream decide to go to the same college, "Mobius University" but when they get there, they discover...

  • Sonamy Highschool
    1.2K 7 7

    Everyone at the school is different they have their own groups and the leader of that group. Sports Leader:Knuckles and Blaze Music Leader:Sonic, Shadow, and Silver Fashion Leader:Rouge, Tikal, And Sally Party Leader:Tails Animals Leader:Cream Neutral:Amy When all of them come together with the help of Amy Rose. The...

  • Give her Hope (Sonamy Story)
    5.4K 321 23

    Amy Rose had everything: Two lovely parents, a good home and good friends. She lost the most of it after a moment. She was never the same after that. She had now a new home, a new family but she had still her old friends. But even when everybody wants to help her she feels useless in this cruel world. Will she be res...

  • Sonic Boom Adventures Episode 16: A Super Finale
    957 10 8

    After the defeat of our heroes, Eggman thought he had finally won or so he thought, however as Eggman claims triumph with his new upgraded Egg Dragoon fused with that of the mega digimon Diaboromon along with the Master Emerald as his power source, it will take more than luck and a miracle to put this foe down as our...

  • Sonic Boom Adventures Episode 15: A Dragoon's Revival
    633 9 6

    After finally retrieving all seven chaos emeralds the gang thinks they have a chance against Eggman, Mephiles and Darkknightmon, but what happens when Eggman steals the Master Emerald and infuses it with one of his old machines, along with some of Mephiles' dark magic and a dark digimon along with it will our heroes s...

  • Sonic Boom Adventures: Episode 14 Reindeer Rescue
    977 13 8

    Christmas is around the corner and our heroes are getting ready to celebrate, but Santa quickly contacted the Sonic heroes due to a big emergency being one of his reindeer's new child gone missing. It's up to Sonic and friends to find the missing mammal, but the question is will they do it in the nick of time or will...

  • Sonic Boom Adventures: Episode 13 The bug, the cat and the hedgehog
    1.1K 14 7

    After receiving strange reports of large amounts of chaos energy in the city of Paris, the gang finds out that a chaos emerald may be in the area, so Sonic his brothers and the rest of the sonic crew decided to investigate this, however things aren't always what they seem to be in Paris as the heroes will encounter th...

  • Sonic Boom Adventures: Episode 12 Terrors on the Lost Island
    1.5K 16 13

    With four emeralds found and three left in the world, Team Heroes are on a roll and think that nothing will be a challenge, but when another chaos emerald's location is revealed they think it will be an easy task, however there is a big catch...... they cannot use their powers or abilities on this island for if they d...

  • Sonic Boom Adventures Episode 11: Family Bonds United as One
    1.5K 10 6

    After finding the digiegg of courage, a new ally, and defeating a new enemy Sonic and his brothers decide to visit their other siblings Manic and Sonia, while they all take a short stop at their mother's grave, but will Eggman ruin this reunion, or will they come out stronger than ever as they unite as one???

  • Sonic Boom Adventures:Episode 10 Duel in the Desert
    803 10 7

    After finding two chaos emeralds and already having Shadow's favorite green chaos emerald, but Tails discovered a strange signal somewhere in a set of old ruins of the Mohave desert, but with Shadow gone on a mission with his girl Rouge and the E series robot Omega, and Silver sick with a cold it's up to Sonic, the di...

  • Sonic Boom Adventures Episode 9: Chaos Attacks and Mystery Shacks
    387 9 2

    After winning the chaos emerald from the Grand Prix, the team now heads to Oregon in the town of Gravity Falls where they will meet some new allies and find the 3rd chaos emerald but when evil tracks them down to a coastal showdown will the heroes succeed or disappear to be new mysteries in Gravity Falls???

  • Sonic Boom Adventures Episode 8: Grand Prix Chaos
    974 18 6

    Sonic got a letter saying that the annual Grand Prix is on again, and for their quest to find the chaos emeralds before Eggman does, as luck may have it the grand prize for the winner is a chaos emerald, but our heroes smell something fishy going on so they will enter the race as old rivals return. Will team heroes wi...

  • Sonic Boom Adventures: Episode 7 A Digital Disaster
    1.1K 19 5

    It's been a few weeks after Eggman's attempt to destroy the Sonic Heroes, but failed miserably. After that defeat a strange dark voice and device appears in front of Eggman, Mephiles and their forces. Meanwhile with our heroes Tails receives a strange signal coming from his computer and the hedgehogs and some of their...

  • Sonic Boom Adventures Episode 6 Dino Rescue
    1.5K 23 7

    Eggman is getting sick of his plans getting ruined by Sonic, his brothers and their friends, but mostly of the hedgehogs' pet T. rex named Junior, but Eggman and Mephiles came up with a plan to capture the dinosaur so they can finally destroy their foes, also an old foe from the heroes' past has her eye on the one who...

  • Sonic Boom Adventures Episode 5: Halloween Horrors
    2.3K 38 8

    In this Halloween special Team Heroes and their friends are excited for Halloween coming up, but what happens when Eggman and Mephiles unleash real nightmares and monsters, and also creates a new animatronic for their army but will she follow her masters' orders or will she fall for a certain coyote.

  • Sonic Boom Adventures Episode 4: A Day of Destructix
    2K 46 7

    Team Heroes and their friends get to go on a little road trip to the Emerald Coast for a little vacation, but what happens when one of Sonic's most dangerous enemies comes back and seeking his revenge. Can Sonic, his friends and his brothers defeat this old foe or will they finally bow down to the king....

  • Sonic Boom Adventures Episode 3: Pet Pandemonium
    2.1K 29 7

    After the fiasco in Freddy Fazbear's pizzeria Sonic, and his friends and brothers finally take a break with their new friend Wiley the coyote, but this time the brothers feel as if there is something missing that all families have... a pet, but what happens when Sonic, and his brothers find a creature that hasn't been...

  • Sonic Boom Adventures: Episode 2 Mysteries of Fazbear's Pizzeria
    2.9K 64 8

    6 months after Sonic, Shadow, and Silver became brothers and the new Team Heroes what happens when an unknown energy appears in one of the most unexpected places in Möbius; a new restaurant, but the brothers better watch their backs for the animatronics come to life, one question remains....... Are they ready for Fred...

  • Teenage Werehog
    3.4K 124 9

    It was just another day in station squarer and Sonic and Tails were just hanging round in their house when a letter came. It was a letter about going back to school! Straight away Sonic denied about going back to that hell hole, but after a little perspiration from his little brother Sonic and Tails go to school. But...

  • The Beast Within
    6.2K 181 11

    There have been weird news reports about a strange creature roaming around Station Squace at night. Sonic, the famous blue blur goes to check it out after a family goes missing in the forest one night, but when getting bit by a wolf like beast and needing help by Shadow the hedgehog Sonic thinks otherwise. Now someth...