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  • LBD (18+) -- A Novella
    1.1K 52 15

    LBD -- Little Black Dress 1st draft +++ Malik Bradley had been called many things throughout his Casanova lifestyle but there's one thing he would agree on: he was an unavailable asshole. Emotionally, that is. The last thing he expected was meeting a woman during his step-brother's bachelor party and at a Gentlemen's...

  • Late Weekends (18+) [The Weekends, #1] ✓
    48.5K 1.7K 25

    Read the rest of Late Weekends on inkitt! Book One of The Weekend series ~ I couldn't see past his manipulation - his touch. Or hear the lies beneath his honey-coated words. His corruption was contagious as shadows surrounded us, marking our sin. I was his escape and he was mine. I was his weekend... ...

    Completed   Mature
  • Chocolate Sins (18+)
    32.7K 1.1K 32

    Scarlett O'Neil has a secret, an identity she hides in the depths of her consciousness. It has links to the past she managed to escape but changed her whole in order to be safe. She knew they'd come after her but it was only a matter of when. As an interior designer, she was assigned to work on a new club for her myst...

  • FOCUS (18+) ✓
    24.5K 934 23

    With her father's death having a lingering effect on her, McKenna's has lived a troubled life. Diagnosed with a disorder, she doesn't allow herself to get too close to people for fear they wouldn't understand. She has a secret she's afraid to share; she can see the ghost of her father. She planned to continue on in l...

    Completed   Mature
  • Izabella (18+) [The Bloodstone, #1] ✓
    97.3K 3.2K 30

    (Read the full story on Inkitt!) Living as the Alpha's daughter had its perks yet walking in her brother's shadow was what she despised. Izabella Steele is living in a man's world where the mere thought of an Alpha female is absurd. She is ready to leave the pack for good yet is forced to return when a new Alpha arise...

    Completed   Mature
  • My True Mate ✓
    360K 12.3K 37

    Highest rank in werewolf #127 'Sabrina, you're pregnant,' I stared at the Dr Johnson and the look of astonishment was my expression. Blood drained my face as I began to turn pale from the shocking news, my eyes impassive at I comprehend what Dr Johnson has told me. P-pregnant? I shook my head. No, it can't be, it's a...

    Completed   Mature
  • Obsession #1 ✓ (Original Version)
    726K 19.3K 47

    This is the first book I've ever written! (you've been warned) Highest rank in werewolf #150 'Hunter, what's wrong?' Hunter has turned away from Hailey, facing her bedroom window. His shoulders were shuddering as a low growl erupted deep in his chest. 'I-I can't hold it... any longer... I need to do this,' Hailey...

    Completed   Mature
  • Basil (18+) [The Bloodstone, #2] (Read the full story on inkitt!)
    627 35 11

    To catch the newest chapter, Read Basil on Radish Fiction and Inkitt! +++ Book 2 of The Bloodstone Series For the past seventeen years, Basil has lived a life of solitude with only survival on his mind. Ever since he was young, he's been told to continue the bloodline, to carry on the packs' ways as they believed the...