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  • a change of heart // phan
    59.7K 3.9K 12

    [complete] finding a girl who is equally pretty won't be hard ; copyright © 2017

  • [ cobwebs + flies ]
    26.9K 1.5K 17

    - dan always hated the idea of secret admirers. - that is, until phil came along. [punk!phil x pastel!dan] ::::

  • Enigma 2 || Park Jimin ||
    333K 27.1K 21

    Will you believe it if I tell you that I fell in love with a ghost who I have no memory of? I don't believe it either. STARTED: 23rd July 2017 ENDED: 29th October 2017

    Completed   Mature
  • straight // phan
    35.2K 1.9K 11

    'i'm straight,' dan muttered, tracing soft kisses along phil's jawline. in which phil is an artist and an aspiring baseball player, and dan is a sexually ambiguous jock. copyright; © 2017 @sullensivan

  • truth or dare ➳ phan
    106K 5.4K 34

    truth or dare - a deadly game. top rated: #1 in phanfiction - copyright © 2016

    Completed   Mature
  • Danger || Min Yoongi
    224K 10K 22

    Min Yoongi He's the type of guy you don't want to make eye contact with, the guy who people stay away from. No matter how hard I try to get away...I always end up bumping into him. **Warning: contains violence, sexual content and strong language**

  • witches || J.J.K
    87K 5.6K 23

    "Be careful of what you wish for." Pic credits: google.

    11.2K 1.1K 5

    ソードアート・オンライン WELCOME TO SWORD ART ONLINE On November 6, 2022, the launch of Sword Art Online changed 10,000 players' lives forever. This is the story of two of them. (Phan fanfiction based on the manga/anime Sword Art Online.)

  • Relapse (Phan)
    248K 16.1K 29

    SEQUEL TO ALIVE Phil's life is in shambles. A third year university student, he lives a less-than-extraordinary life: ignoring calls from his ex-best-friend, working in a local shop, and sleeping around to forget the one thing always on his mind: Dan Howell. TW: language, sexual content, drug mentions ENTIRELY WRITTE...

    6.3K 582 9

    "i wish you can hear my whispers." book seven of the SAD series

    Completed   Mature
    2.5K 167 7

    "don't be scared... we are your friends after all, right?"

    Completed   Mature
  • marry me.
    53.2K 3.7K 33

    ❝you said that if i bought you food, you'd marry me?❞ ⌜ started: january 1st 2017 ⌟ ⌜ completed: april 26th 2017 ⌟

  • silence || rv
    100K 12.3K 16

    @k.yerim is live on instagram! highest ranking: #276 in horror cr. taenology || 2017

  • abstruse || bts
    182K 17.9K 15

    what made them want to play the game of death? killjoy's prequel highest ranking: #91 in horror #688 in fanfiction cr. taenology || 2017

  • Candy Shop [YoonSeok]
    34.2K 2K 7

    Welcome to Wonhae Manhi Candy where the employee is sweeter than the sweets.

  • psychopaths | pjm
    148K 7.3K 24

    {we're all human right? isn't it in our nature to get a bit...psychotic?} *also on aff by __galaxy__* (plagiarism of any kind is not tolerated)

    Completed   Mature
  • Blind Side•• jjk + kth
    41.1K 3.1K 22

    [He only loved her for her money]

  • The Boyfriend -- k.t.h
    49K 2.9K 16

    [ I want to crack your ribs open and cuddle your heart]

  • Ramen Shop // PJM
    42.3K 1.7K 13

    "Everyday you show up at the ramen shop 2 minutes after we've closed, and I never let you in, but today you look like you could need someone. So, do you mind if I hug you?" ~~~~~~~~~ I did not come up with the idea for this story myself. @bizzlerazzle came up with the idea for this story so credits to her. However, t...

  • truth or dare // phan au
    251K 9.2K 90

    phil lester is one of the most popular kids at school. in a game of truth or dare, he is dared to kiss dan howell, the weird quiet kid that no one seems to talk to or even acknowledges. //lower case intended// also, excuse the weird writing in some of the chapters. im trying to go back and fix them, but it's taking a...

  • wonderland || bts
    50.7K 4.1K 12

    "welcome, first time in wonderland?" a bangtan alice in wonderland au! highest ranking: #534 in fantasy cr. sagittaerius || 2016

  • love online // sophie + elise
    833 46 4

    two gals meet online and fall in love <3 this is for you guys, you know who you are ;) (dont read this lmao its not legit)

  • insane - phan au
    18.1K 777 5

    phil's entirely normal. dan's entirely not.

  • 2022 / phan
    24.2K 1.5K 13

    The story of Dan Howell and Phil Lester 13 years later. They go back to the place it all started. Manchester. Copyright © 2016

  • forgotten / phan
    82.7K 6.5K 41

    Dan Howell is in love with his best friend, Phil Lester. Phil is getting married. Dan is in love with Phil. He is too scared to tell him. [HIGHEST RANK; #463 in fanfiction] Copyright © 2016

  • "Piss off! Leave Howell alone!"/ Hiatus
    46.9K 2.7K 22

    Soulmate AU ~ The first words your soulmate ever says to you or about you are tattooed onto you where they first touch you. Dan is mute, making the whole soulmate thing very difficult, but when Punk!Phil comes along and defends Dan, what will this do to Dan's view on the world? ( K so trigger warning, this has some de...

  • Poet (unfinished)
    10K 624 7

    words had never been a problem for dan howell; that is, until he meets phil lester, a man made of mysteries too complex for even his words to describe. {phan au}

  • melting
    40K 1.7K 15

    copyright © 2017

    22K 1.4K 13

    Dan is blind, it's been that way since he was born. Phil was a blunt, arrogant boy in his chemistry class. - tw/ some anxious and depressing thoughts