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  • Boy In Luv 상남자 [Kim Taehyung / V] BTS
    2.2M 78.3K 32

    What if one day you just happened to get the worst job of your life? not just working for a jerk, but working for the jerk who once broke your heart? how does Lei tolerate the intolerable Kim Taehyung? read more to find out ;) thank you @MariaFA for the amazing bookcover!

  • HOTLINE | j.hoseok
    234K 11.3K 18

    "I'm here to answer your calls." In which Jung Hoseok is a very ordinary medical professional by day and a hot phone sex operator by night.

  • Just One Day | BTS FANFICTION
    169K 6.3K 42

    in which a girl falls for her brother's best friend. #everyonewatchestoomanykdramas

  • The Hidden Identity{ BTS JUNGKOOK}
    344K 7.9K 23

    What was the secret she kept from everyone?

  • Fall In Love With Playboy(Jungkook Fanfic)
    65.4K 2.2K 42

    Guy is just a jerk espicially him ughhh i hate him (minah)as shin minyoung what wrong with her have blind eyes how dare she looks down at me(jeon jungkook)as jungkook think u are to handsome,no ok u will never catch my heart(minyoung) i am going to make your life like hell i promise u (jungkook) #152 fanfiction

  • You Belong With Me | JJK
    615K 16.9K 25

    Jeon Jungkook, the most wanted among girls and popular for his playboy image, is to be a young teenage girl's crush, Jung Hye Sang a.k.a Gee Hye. Gee Hye was just an average girl who didn't know that Jungkook was planning something on her. She thought the feelings that they both shared was real until she realize that...

  • Falling For The Jerk [[COMPLETED Jungkook FanFic]]
    6.3M 164K 44

    Jung EunMi lives a life with an annoying freak, Jeon Jungkook. EunMi hates Jungkook, and Jungkook hates EunMi. A love-hate relationship. Read to find out what happens. I know this doesn't sound so interesting because I don't know what to write to make you people interested, sorry. ★Please do not plagiarize★ ☆Th...