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  • Flash preferences
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    In the first pages I'm describing your life Barry Allen Cisco Ramon Harrison Wells earth 2 Wally west Etc.p

  • The Rise of the Scarlet Savior [2] (A Flash Fanfiction)
    16.7K 518 29

    A year ago Kaylin Dark started dating Cisco Ramon. 11 months ago she confirmed that Barry Allen was The Flash. 7 months ago Cisco Ramon asked her to move in with him. She said yes. 6 months ago a singularity was released into the sky above Central City. On that same day, Kaylin Dark, Ronnie Raymond, Eddie Thawne, and...

  • The Scarlet Savior [1] (A Flash Fanfiction)
    39.8K 977 15

    Kaylin is the girl who had no idea who her parents were. With a fake last name and no family to go to, she finds comfort in only one city: Central City. After moving there for college, she befriends Barry Allen, Eddie Thawne, Joe West, and Iris West. Secrets about the city spill out by the day, distracting her of the...

  • arrowverse [gif series]
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    @problematiccanary Started: 11-30-16 Ended: 7-8-17

  • Wynonna Earp imagines
    53.2K 620 68

    Wynonna Earp x reader Waverly Earp x reader Nicole Haught x reader Doc Holiday X reader Xavier Dolls Reader (R.I.P.) Rosita x reader Anyone else Ig

  • Supergirl Preferences and Imagines
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    Mainly female characters and Winn because Winn is adorable and should be protected at all costs. Mon-El will not be written for because he's a douchebag and I hate him. Also, I'm taking requests and will be doing one shots as well so ask away.

  • Legends Flashing Through Time Like An Arrow
    21K 379 9

    Hello my dears! This is my first imagine books here so bear with me while I get the gist of things here. I will try and update every day if not twice a week. Don't forget to like and share with all of your friends if you enjoy this! ~Tegen

  • Supercorp Oneshots
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    Danvers & Luthor

  • Incorrect TV Show Quotes
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    This book is filled with quotes that were definitely said in the following shows: Supergirl-Legends of Tomorrow-Wynonna Earp. #4 in Doc Holliday-1/9/19 #2 in Nate Haywood-1/9/19

  • Cold Light
    29.3K 1K 15

    Faye White is one of the people affected by the particle accelerator explosion. She woke up finding herself being able to control light. But little does she know that it will lead her to encounters with Team Flash and their problems, including a particular cold-loving criminal. There is more Snart later on. Don't...

  • I'm Your Super (More Than) Friend// Superflash
    12.5K 272 5

    Barry got over the feelings he had for Iris when he first visited earth 38 and met Kara. When they get stuck in the musical crossover, it was originally thought that they were put there to get Barry and Iris together and Kara and Mon-El together, but it turns out that it was to get Barry and Kara together.

  • Accidentally In Love~ Superflash
    835 25 1

    Kara gets a text from an unknown number. Little did she know that that one little text would change her life.

  • A Love Against Crime
    55K 1.4K 30

    'Oh great, a new problem!'

  • Trapped in My Own Little World
    12.4K 311 11

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~REQUESTS ARE OPEN~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This is a One-Shot book of anything people want me to write. ~~~~~~~~~~~~REQUESTS ARE OPEN~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #1 IN ZORALLEN

  • What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger
    9.1K 169 7

    Lexie Grey has a plan. She is going to fake her death to become a new person. What happens when she finds herself back at Seattle Grace Mercy West years after she faked her death and became Alex Danvers? Grey's Anatomy/Supergirl fanfiction

  • Another Love (A Sanvers Sequel)
    33.7K 1.3K 21

    This is a sequel to Remember My Love. Read the first book!

  • Sanvers baby 👶
    59.4K 1.4K 23

    Alex and Maggie have been together for a couple of years now and they've decided to start a family... read more to find out what happens...

  • Can We Keep Her?
    21K 700 22

    Maggie is actually a big softie and she soon becomes attached to a certain not that small girl who totally doesn't need anyone. Or maybe Maggie an Alex could be just what she needs. A family of her own. Maggie's uni cooking club is reunited and the life of the Danvers gets even crazier. Co-written with someone who ne...

  • Unrequited Love
    754 25 1

    The story picks up after the crossover. Mon-el and Kara acting like the kiss never happened and trying to be friends but can they? Cat Grant is back. Lena is really good or she is gonna live up the Luthor name just like the others? Mainly Karamel and Spanver as Co-Star. And Many many Karamel.

  • Astray
    6.1K 193 4

    AU Mon-El has been kidnapped by Cadmus and Kara must find him and relay a message before it's too late. Karamel / Kara x Mon-El

  • Karamel
    14.6K 471 30

    Mon-El is in danger, Kara needs to save him. They encounter more troubles trying to come back to each other then they plan on but isn't that life for you? They'll gain friendships and strengthen others. Who knows what Kara will do to save the man she loves? Maybe she herself will get into more danger to just find him.

  • Drunk!Lena
    11K 422 2

    Drunk! Lena telling supergirl exactly how she feels about her

  • Legends of Tomorrow and The Flash Imagines DISCONTINUED
    12.2K 138 8

    Dc Legends of Tomorrow and The Flash Imagines

  • Superflash vs Zoom (continued on another account)
    30.3K 727 17

    'You are so going down, Zoloman.'

  • Superflash
    90.5K 1.9K 40

    Kara Zor El and Barry Allen were from two different universes. Before Barry was struck by lightning, he actually lived on Earth-3. It was the lightning that brought him to Earth-1. As children, Kara and Barry went to schools that were very close and even summer camps. Somehow they managed to become very close friends...

  • Supergirl
    2K 55 9

    A girl the that has two jobs super girl and cat co media.

  • Expect the Unexpected
    1K 51 3

    Supergirl is trapped on another planet, and she lost all of her powers. Alex hears the news from the DEO, and she doesn't know how to cope with her overwhelming anxiety for her sister, and she ends up taking it out on Maggie.

    Completed   Mature
  • Sanvers [one shot]
    3.5K 115 1

    Alex likes Maggie, and after a close to dying experience she decides to let Maggie know. ••• This is a Sanvers one shot ( but no one gets shot, thankfully. We don't want another Lesbian death trope, looking at you the 100), and also my first public story. So lets all hope that The CW doesn't pull a...

  • A Sanvers Fight
    15.3K 353 6

    Maggie and Alex get into a little fight which results in Alex storming in out. Shortly after an earthquake hits National City leaving Maggie fighting for her life. Will Alex find her or will the argument be Maggie's last memory of Alex?