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  • Instagram |JJK|
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    @jungkook.bts liked your post @jungkook.bts followed you Idol x jungkook

  • Instagram | JJK
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    In which Jeon Jungkook likes Kim Misun so much and expresses his love for her on Instagram.

  • LOVESTAGRAM (Series #1)
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    LOVESTAGRAM, where 2 artists met and fell madly in love with each other. Kim Minji. Started: March 08,2019 Ended: MM/DD/YYYY

  • 1.2 instagram j.jk
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    Pt. 2 of my instagram book

  • InstaGram ( JJK )
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    Jeon Jungkook from bts falls in love with another idol Sofia Hwang from Daesung Entertainment . Will they be happy togeather ??

  • Instagram|| J.JK ✔️
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    @jungkook.bts liked Y/F/N photo @jungkook.bts commented on Y/F/N photo @Y/F/N liked jungkook.bts photo @Y/F/N commented on jungkook.bts photo DM, invite, friends, and updated their relationship. [COMPLETED] [all credits of the pictures goes to the rightful owner] ©kyllie_queen

  • Instagram II | J.JK
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    @Dispatch_official posted @Jungkook.bts liked @dispatch_official @jungkook.bts sent a direct messaged @dispatch_official posted @eun.ho_official tagged @hye_rin @jungkook.bts sent a direct messaged Tagged, liked, dm, updating relationship... And Their story continues, what will their fate bring? Book 2 of INSTAGRAM ||...

  • Instagram pt 2 |JJK|
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    second story of the book "Instagram"

  • all for nothing ➳ j.jk
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    ❝jungkook.. is married, bora.❞ yoongi said hesitantly. - in which bora(you) finally got out of jail after 5 years to hear such terrible news about jungkook. sequel to "all an act" ©Kooksaurs || Wattpad2017 Started: 160417 Ended: 101117

    Completed   Mature
  • Billionaire Crush-J.JK [COMPLETED]
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    Never fell in love before?Oh don't speak too soon darlin'.You just haven't met Jeon Jungkook. Cover credits to @Xyxxi_ 💘 @Everything mentioned in my story is FAKE.I repeat,all similarities are only coincidences. • Highest Ranking: #119 in JJK • ✅this was verified.

    Completed   Mature
  • His Future Wife | j.jk [COMPLETED] ✅
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    [COMPLETED] #2ndInBangtanJamsAwards# ### What happens when Jungkook, transfers to Seoyul Unieversity, where Eun Mi goes to. Eun Mi really like Jungkook. But he doesn't give a shit about her. One day, she wore a mask, a cap, all black, and went to the club that Jungkook always goes to every day and night. ___ I ent...

    Completed   Mature
  • Hung On Him | j.jk | COMPLETED
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    ~no matter what, i'll always find a way back to him~ Hung on Him Jeon Jungkook bxsjjk__ [Started- 1/9/16] [Finished- 1/30/16] please enjoy! feel free to vote, comment, share, recommend, and follow me! my other bts fanfics are great reads as well! if you do not, for any reason, like my fanfics, please message me so i c...

    Completed   Mature
  • all an act ➳ j.jk
    234K 8.2K 35

    ❝come on! bora, please! i love you!❞ he yelled. everyone was staring at us. ❝dont lie to me! i know youre faking everything!❞ i shouted. ❝what do you mean!❞ ❝i know youre faking to be my boyfriend for taehee! just like what mingyu did to me! i can't believe you, after everything i told you!❞ i started crying. -in whic...

    Completed   Mature
  • It's A Secret | JUNGKOOK ✔
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    "And if they ask you, tell them it's a secret." . . . It was when Hae Ryung for the first time had seen Jungkook that she fell hard for him But a guy like him was already taken by a girl totally out of her league. Graduation soon came of college and that day God had plans for both of them. Hae Ryung become pregnant b...

    Completed   Mature
  • My famous childhood friend (Jungkook x Reader)
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    Jungkook and (Y/N) were childhood friends but their ways parted after primary school. When Jungkook got famous, (Y/N) thought he wouldn't remember her anymore. She finds out about BTS and listens to their music sadly remembering the old times. But little does she know that she was Jungkook's first love and still is...

  • Instagram ● JJK ●
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    Is it possible to be noticed by your bias? And by any chance, You're the sister of Kim Taehyung? How will you react? Let's read it •|Started: July 30, 2018|• •|Ended: April 2, 2019|•

  • My Psychotic Ex // J.J.K
    43.2K 1.3K 17

    Kyung Mi couldn't do it anymore. She couldn't handle his attitude, his actions, his words... So she did what any smart person would do. She slipped off her engagement ring and left him without a trace. But what she forgot... was the fact that her ex is a psychopath... and will go above and beyond to find her. Will Kyu...

    Completed   Mature
    127K 1.3K 13

    "The next Female CEO in South Korea" That's what people call her. Kim Y/N, make an unexpected arrival as a new student in Seoul. Her luxury life is envied by many, especially when she's reportedly married with the heir of Jeon Holdings. The shocking news spread across Korea, alerting many people including their enemie...

  • His Alpha Queen || J.Jk
    190K 6.2K 76

    Have you ever thought you'd have him but at the same time you can't be his? Four years later, he finally found me and I'm still not his. But I will not runaway this time. jungkookff

  • The Boy I Married 2
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    ..Just when things were getting good..

  • Bloody Love「Jungkook」Book 1
    165K 6.8K 36

    Book 1 I am a vampire who attempts to stop another vampire from killing people. While also fighting for the love of my childhood friend, Jeon Jungkook. But during my attempt of confessing to him, something goes wrong. I swear that I'll protect him no matter what happens. Even if the world comes crashing down.

  • Married to a your worst Enemy
    31.4K 707 39

    Y/n is a girl in a mixed highschool of werewolfs and vampires. She's forced to marry her worst enemy. But something is caught up through the process. Are they going to fall in love or is it all over Edit: As you can see I wrote this a whole while ago. And to not get you confused on who's a vampire and who's not. I for...

  • Blood Love(Vampire Fanfic-JungkookxReader)(Completed)
    86.2K 2.8K 59

    She looked so beautiful right now and I dont wanna miss a chance I went closer to Kiss her........ "Jungkook what the hell do you think you are doin?!" Pls vote comment

  • Running with the wolves [j.jk ff.]
    714K 24.4K 53

    [completed] Jungkook gets this mating thing, really, he does. The moon goddess matches two werewolves together to ensure that they will breed the strongest cubs together. It makes sense, it guarantees the survival of the pack, but how should that work, when his mate was human? Second place in the fanfiction awards in...

  • My Lovely Devil 《 Jeon Jungkook 》
    68.6K 1.2K 28

    What will u do if one day you'll be anouce that you are arranged with a dude that is a total prevent ass, and cares only about him self.... He being your first kiss, first sex, first almost everything and your rapist, who doesn't care about you. Y/N will survive all the bullshit that will happen .... Maybe not or mayb...

  • The King Of Werewolves 2 [re-writing + editing]
    85.5K 2.6K 25

    Y/N and Jungkook finally accepted each other, they had a very lovely daughter who so happened to grow faster than any usual werewolf. Next thing Y/N knows, the Moon Goddess was at her door step asking for help.

  • The Prince and His Nonna ✔️
    9.6K 326 44

    "JungKook quickly took this opportunity and sped walked to his crush. Not trying to make it obvious that he was running towards her. As soon as Yumi spotted the prince she smiled sweetly. "Kookie!" She giggled opening her arms towards the boy. JungKook walked towards her slowly with his arms up shyly. Once he was clos...

    Completed   Mature
  • Rosy ashes [j.jk ff.]
    111K 4.6K 26

    Princess Yeri was a rose, delicate and beautiful. Prince Jungkook took great pleasure in burning roses to ash. cover by the wonderful @pastaelcolor 💕 in cooperation with myself

  • YES MOMMY | J.JK| ONESHOT |Completed✔
    172K 3.1K 9

    ❝You can be my babyboy instead since you're not that bad❞ ❝Please, mommy, m-more❞ -Short story- What happens when a nerd meets another nerd who just transfers in the school? Y/N helps Jungkook after Jungkook broke up with his boyfriend. She promised him to help him to move on. What will Jungkook react when he sees ano...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Boy I Married [COMPLETED]
    369K 10.1K 26

    DISCLAIMER: Before anyone decides to read, this is my FIRST fanfic I wrote, so YES I know there's gonna grammer and spelling mistakes in this, I didn't know what I was doing or what I was writing. So I don't blame you if you cringe cause I did too. Be aware! An arranged marriage for Park Yura and Jeon Jungkook settles...