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  • Creepy Riddles And Stories
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    Can you find the answer to these riddles?

  • Short Scary stories
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    Always make sure to be in a dark room door shut lights off (just to be safe.right?)do all this while reading

  • Short scary stories
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    Short scary stories to make your spine tingle and your body freeze in fear...

  • Short Scary stories
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    Read these stories at your own risk. Some will contain gory content and may not be suitable for young children or if your not into scary stories or movies or whatever. These stories were not written by me I got them off the internet. Don't start accusing since I have warned you here.

  • Best Come Backs And Insults
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    Best comebacks and insults for all or your needs. PM me for suggestions and I might even give you a shout out! Highest ranking: #445 in Random!!!

  • Lonely Little Dog Joe
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    Every morn, he wakes to pretty lemon lights...

  • Sin (Wattys Winner)
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    On the flip of a coin, people die around Sin. Escaped from a lunatic asylum and haunted by his dead sister, he must find out why, and discover who is trying to use his power to destroy everything and everyone. ***** Dead, dead, dead. Say it enough times and it becomes just another word. What would you do? Could you k...

  • To Rahman, With Love...
    31.4K 2.5K 13

    Some incidents of laughter, some thoughts of tears, some quaint experiences and some deep musings of my life. I guess they speak about my crazy love for Him... Or maybe, just maybe, they reveal His beautiful love for me...?

  • Dearest Husband
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    Getting married? Then this book has some tips for you! Already married? Then it still has a few advices in shaa Allaah :) Our journey together Alhamdulillaah. "Dearest Husband of mine, for His SWT's sake, I love and adore you just as you do me -- with all the flaws of today and mess of yesterday -- may we both strive...

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    HOSTEL..... a second home for all those students who come leaving their native place to other city for a bright future. It is the best experience every student wants to experience once in their life.Living on your own without parents and their fear . Having midnight food with gossips ,some silly games and much more...

  • Cabin in the middle of Woods
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    Highest Ranking:- #3 in horror on 02.09.2016 A horror story starts in a dark night in the middle of mysterious woods, where a small cabin, with only one light flickering stands alone, trying to defy the spirits which are supposed to haunt the woods. Welcome to this Cabin where you'll be listening about spine-chilling...

    Completed   Mature