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    who will survive?

  • Raging Shadows [Percy Jackson] REWRITE
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    "So...are you saying they get sick and vanish," Frank asked. "No," The daughter of Athena had a grim frown on her face as she rephrased Frank's sentence. "I'm saying they get drugged and taken." The demigods of Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter thought they might actually get a break. Unfortunately, that's not how thin...

  • × | The Retribution of Nyx | COMING SOON | ×
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    BOOK I OF THE BRODY CHRONICLES --•--•--•--•--•--•--•--•--•--•--•--•--•--•--•-- ❝ You angsty piece of shit. ❞ ❝ Yep. ❞ --•--•--•--•--•--•--•--•--•--•--•--•--•--•--•-- BRODY RAHN was not one for adventures. She had her fair share of adventure. So when she found out that her adventures were just starting, she wasn't exac...