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  • Marrow Charm
    649K 662 5

    ****Taken down for publication with Parliament House Press in 2019*** ****Bonus Story Available: The House of Seven Smiles***** ***Wattys 2015 Winner!!!*** Magic runs bone deep... In a world overrun by monsters, humans struggle for survival underground. Magic is feared and reviled, but rooted deep in the bloodlines of...

  • Pumpkin Patch Princess
    353K 17.4K 32

    A fun, magical fairy tale perfect for fans of THE PRINCESS DIARIES or ELLA ENCHANTED! Noelle Simpkins is sick of working for her parents. Sure, her dad runs a booming pumpkin business and her mom's the greatest shoemaker in the land. But pumps and pumpkins get OLD after a while, and at 14, she's ready to see more of t...

  • Loving The East Girl ✔
    3.2K 459 20

    ※The East Girl - Part One※ "Screw humanity. Screw them who said that they would help me. It was all a lie. No one helped me when I was literally begging myself with my eyes for them to help me when they were grabbing me like I was some kind of trash. Like they didn't know that I was human. Guess what, they were the on...

  • Fitoor
    44K 6K 37

    One snowy night, one dead body, one alive, two hearts; and three fates to change forever.

  • The Girl Who Saw Through Jem
    212K 15.6K 63

    ❝she was the girl, who bit the horizon, who peeled the stars from the sky and put them on her tongue, the girl who was hungry for the universe, who craved magic and saw the broken boy for who he truly was- a broken boy.❞ Because he was her sweetest downfall. [PREVIOUSLY...

  • The misadventures of a Main Character | √
    16.8K 2.3K 74

    ***Previously Wattpad Featured Story*** Meet your run-of-the-mill protagonist: Main Character. In this fantasy (spoof) of an epic adventure, Main embarks on a quest to conquer the world, guided only by the words of a drunkard, and a bolt of red lightning. It soon becomes clear that the twelve-foot troll travellin...

  • Playing for the Same Team | Editing
    461K 20.5K 53

    Charlie Whitmen loves sports, junk food, video games, cars and basically anything-if not everything-your average teenaged boy would find interesting. But wait a second, Charlie isn't even a boy! Oh no, she's actually a girl! Bet you didn't see that one coming, did you? Assumptions are never pretty. Like a wise man o...

  • Very Original Wattpad Story | ✓
    75K 4.4K 7

    [Completed + Co-Written With ClemLucian] "You have to choose one of us," he grunted at me, his tall figure looming high, making me feel inferior in his presence as he took a few steps towards me. "But you're making a mistake if you don't choose me," he whispered seductively into my ear, causing a shiver to shoot down...

  • Complications with Commitment 101
    8.2K 336 16

    Jackson McKiernan doesn't think he needs to be in a relationship, nor is he jumping at the opportunity to get into one. At the moment, he is more than satisfied with the single life and if he's being honest, he'd rather focus his attention on matters that don't involve the heart. His persistent mother, however, seems...

  • bite┃erik lehnsherr (✓)
    109K 4.7K 22

    " Don't be afraid, I don't bite. " | The moment Lin Na saw Erik, she knows from the look in his eyes that he's a dangerous, dangerous man.Sadly, she couldn't resist such a poisonous smile. [©-asgardians ] #7 in mutants ( 11.05.19) #3 in erik lehnsherr ( 15.05.19) ' x - men first class erik lehsherr x oc michael fas...

  • How to NOT be an Asian Failure
    116 7 4

    Where Calleach Wu desperately tries to meet his parent's expectations.

  • The Lost Queen (Book 1| Complete)
    381K 27.1K 63

    A human seer and an Elven Prince have one thing in common: a missing sister. Seraiah's dreams have a habit of coming true, but when all her dreams turn into nightmares, she fears for her sister's life. Each nightmare is a little bit different, but they always end the same way -- with something else looking out from St...

  • Up
    12.3K 750 5

    A lot of kids think their dad is a superhero. Ella's really is one. He's saved the world countless times, but can he save his marriage? Or even himself?

  • The Uncool Life of a Cool Girl
    417 11 32

    Kyla Calmore is a cool girl. Popular, devoutly Catholic (just ask her strict father and even stricter mother), and spouting curse words whenever she thinks any thought, Kyla is teen angst on two legs. But Kyla's got a soft side under that armor. Gnawing problems like dyslexia, resentment of her best friend's...

  • Swept Away (The Swept Away Saga, Book One)
    171K 7.5K 50

    From Kamery Solomon, #1 bestselling genre author and creator of the bestselling series The God Chronicles, comes the international bestseller SWEPT AWAY, a time travel romance fraught with danger and secrets on the high seas! BLURB: Dead men tell no tales... For more than 200 years, the Treasure Pit on Oak Isle has...

  • Poor Things (Wattys2018 Winner)
    156K 14K 63

    || Highest Rank - #1 in Horror || Wattpad Featured || After a tragic accident, football star Joel Harper finds himself rolling his wheelchair into a new school in a strange town. Soon he's making friends of misfits, taking lessons in Iron Maiden, and dodging a ruthless bully with a penchant for switchblades. Little is...

  • Street Girl | ✓
    1.4M 46.7K 50

    Elliot finds street kid Lucy in his dad's shed and sparks begin to fly. Unfortunately for them both, Lucy's dangerous past is catching up with her. ***** Everyone knows the town of Godfrey has a street kid problem, but Elliot Wexler, high school st...

  • Himitsu (NaNoWriMo2016)
    47.3K 2.9K 49

    Danger...Deception...Death Can she ever escape the vicious cycle? "The moment I was born, my father walked outside and screamed to the heavens for the mere reason that I was a girl. When he came back, he took me in his arms, looked straight into my innocent eyes, and told me, 'Hush now, child. For this day you ar...

  • Paper Wishes (#1)
    875K 28.8K 30

    There is a belief that with each origami star folded, a falling star is saved. After folding 365 stars while mourning the loss of her mother, Vilvian makes a wish that will change her life forever. Enter Nox Bright - the handsome and mysterious guy who has been haunting Vilvian's dreams. She can barely believe it wh...

  • The Girl From Above
    465K 32.6K 36

    For decades, the city of Amity has been buried under an endless haze of fog. Thousands live beneath the fog line, while the wealthy few reside above in Sky Towers. A playground for the rich, Sky Towers are the only high-rise living accommodations that rise above the fog. But, there are secrets in the towers' depths; s...

  • YEAR OF THE SNAKE (Completed)
    55.3K 2.2K 16

    Plucked from the slush pile, 19-year-old Amelia Harkins rises instantly to fame and the top of the New York Times "Best Sellers" list. Dropping out of college to pursue a full-time writing career, Amelia spends the next 17 years as America's reigning Queen of Romance, fulfilling her fans' every desire as she pens one...

  • Silver Stilettos 🔪 | ✓
    1.5M 66.3K 37

    "Be cool," I heard him murmur. And then his face moved toward mine. His eyes were half-closed, still open enough to regard me solemnly beneath his drooping lids. Frozen, I stayed still, letting him get closer and closer, even though my heart was hammering for him to stay away. Maybe I wouldn't have been so nervous i...

  • Pithy | ✓
    64.9K 12.2K 27

    Pithy (adj.) - concise and forcefully expressive. Once upon a time, a girl wrote short letters to inanimate objects. She hoped they would one day respond and make her feel loved, for her dear mother was clearly void of possessing that certain emotion. Written by Aina Nicole Lua Cover by @stiefvaters The Fiction Award...

  • Stefan Stefan's Synthpop Jihad
    53.3K 4.3K 41

    Stefan didn't intend to become ISIS's number-one pop idol. He just wanted his fans to recognize him at the local supermarket. After Stefan discovers that his huge international fandom can only recognize him if he stands between the two more popular members of his British boyband, the idealistic pop singer/history buf...

  • Enchilada Ed
    266K 18K 39

    All Ed needed to become the Internet's latest boyfriend was a chili-pepper costume. But getting sunny foreign-exchange student Audra to prom will take a lot more than that. Ed doesn't know he's beautiful. But he is. Even when his crazy boss forces him to wear an "extra-spicy" chili pepper costume as part of a May 5th...

  • Seven feats of a daredevil
    35.7K 2K 37

    My mortal enemy is dying. Literally. He's eighteen years old and his days are numbered. Normally I'd party with the Boovs on this one but let's face it-a bunch of fictional Disney characters can't get loose for shit. Besides, I wouldn't still be here if it weren't for him pumping a handful of pills out my stomach befo...

  • Breathe Again | On Hold
    809K 37K 23

    [A 2017 Wattys Award Winner] In which Hannah Jung, with the help of Xavier Park, learns to breathe again.

  • Cosy Christmas ✓
    149K 8.9K 17

    Connor Prentiss doesn't usually do Christmas, but this year he has no choice. #21 CL 06.12.16 → 25.12.16

  • Swindlebird | ✓
    160K 8.7K 21

    {Formerly Featured/Watty 2016 Debut Winner} She had inherited her mother's wilder nature, earning her consistent expulsions from almost every magic school in the entire Astrian country side. Her father, a once famous, but currently ill-respected wizarding professor, had grown used to raising his daughter on h...

  • The Temporary Detective
    509K 23.7K 48

    Phones, light typing...and murder. Think breaking into show business is hard? Try landing a temp job without office skills. That's the challenge facing aspiring actress Isobel Spice when she arrives in New York City, fresh out of college and deficient in PowerPoint. After being rejected by seven temp agencies for her...