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  • Accept yourself (ageplay)
    32.2K 1K 25

    When Dinah wants to bring the group closer together, it works. The only problem that came along is that Ally locks herself in her room and can't seem to accept herself. With Lauren and Dinah having girlfriend problems, Normani wanting to be little 24/7, and Camila getting tired of performing...Let's just say being fam...

  • Life is Worth Living
    39.5K 1.2K 28

    School had always been hard for Lauren Jauregui since the accident. The accident caused her to have brain damage and she had a harder time doing mostly everything, including loving someone romantically. That is, until, she gets a new teacher named Miss Cabello. She already knows her from a game that she plays called T...

    Completed   Mature
  • Silence (Camren Ageplay)
    28.5K 721 13

    16-year-old Camila just transferred to North High, but what happens when she meets Lauren. Will she start talking again after 12 long years? Even worse, will Lauren discover Camila's little secret?

  • The Boss's Princess (REVISED VERSION)
    15.9K 495 6

    Lauren Jauregui, a mafia leader, business woman, and a well respected Mommy Domme wasn't one to be soft on anyone. People feared her. Respected her. But one night, a small girl named Camila comes along. Will she be able to soften Lauren's heart and show her how to love again? ⚠️ WARNING ⚠️ CONTAINS AGEPLAY/MDLG!!!! DO...

  • Shattered ~ Fifth Harmony Ageplay ~
    29.9K 997 12

    Little Lauren..

  • Beacon Of Hope
    23.7K 1K 17

    "Dispatch come in, we just found two girls, they appear to look very beaten they are just covered in bruises" Dinah and Lauren have been dealt a pretty shitty hand when it comes to life, first they lost their older sister who took care of them then after that they were placed in the system where they were placed in a...

  • Attached - 5h Kidfic (ON HOLD)
    22.5K 820 19

    Normani and Ally are a married couple. They have a 6 year old daughter Camila and a 5 year old daughter Lauren. After a while they decided to adopt another child to complete their family. That child is Dinah jane- read to find out what happens.

  • Please love me (5 harmony kidfict)
    10.5K 192 9

    Lauren and her friends has always wanted a child and when they meet Camilla they lives fill complete but how will she feel about them Btw no one is a celebrity (Little bit of ageplay and little Camilla and big Lauren)

  • Babygirls; 5h ageplay
    1.1K 26 2

    When a new app called little time is developed, it becomes a viral hit. Lauren, a lonely little girl, joins the large and growing community on the app. She meets her best friends for life. 5 different personalities and span of little ages that, yet, all seem to fit together perfectly to create the perfect, everlasting...

  • 𝑴𝒐𝒎𝒎𝒚? -𝑳𝒂𝒖𝒓𝒊𝒏𝒂𝒉 𝑨𝒈𝒆𝒑𝒍𝒂𝒚
    52.9K 1.6K 19

    Dinah is a police officer. one night she was patroling with normani and heard a scream coming from an abandoned parking lot and decides to check it out. what happens when she finds a very little lauren. Laurinah~

  • 5h agere & cglre
    53.1K 1.7K 64

    This book will include ships from fifth harmony. Most of these will be without Camila. You can request as long as non sexual. It's age regression, so it's nothing sexual. Don't read if it's not your thing.

  • Found Home
    128K 7.6K 30

    Dinah wants to keep her family safe. Ally wants to keep babies small. Camila wants to protect her baby sister. Normani wants to be happy. And Lauren just wants the world to stop being so scary. Second in the "Home" Trilogy. 1. "Finding Home" (Complete) 2. "Home Found" (Complete) 3. "This is Home" (Complete) 4. "Open H...

  • Open House (Bonus Chapters)
    47.1K 2.6K 31

    (Part of the Home Trilogy.) There is much more than what we've read. See the life pre-Finding Home. Infant/Baby Camila, Infant/Baby Lauren, Infant/Baby Normani, and Dinally. Part of the "Home" Trilogy 1. "Finding Home" (Complete) 2. "Home Found" (Complete) 3. "This is Home" (Complete) 4. "Open House (Bonus Chapters)"...

  • This is Home
    92.6K 6.2K 30

    Dinah doesn't want her girls to grow up. Ally doesn't want her babies to change. Camila doesn't want to be weird. Normani doesn't want to be scared of the future. And Lauren just doesn't want to be left behind. Last in the "Home" Trilogy. 1. "Finding Home" (Complete) 2. "Home Found" (Complete) 3. "This is Home" (Compl...

  • Scared & Lonely (kidfic)
    7.6K 409 3

    It was just another day at the park with Normani Hamilton-Hernandez and her four year old daughter, Lauren. That's when she finds a lonely girl, crying and scared. ON HOLD

  • When All Is Lost
    1.9K 32 5

    Camila is looking for a mommy, but what happens when her best friend messages her under a different name and she finds out.

  • Stressed Out (laurinah ageplay)
    3.6K 119 6

    Dinah has been really stressed because she missed her family. One day lauren gets really worried about her so she tries something out that she thinks might work. Will Dinah go through with it. Little Dinah/Mommy Lauren

  • Be my mommy ( camren)
    32.7K 934 13

    She was always a lonely girl in high school, she wasn't really social or talked to a lot of students in her school. she didn't like to approach anyone, and when she finally did talk to someone , it didn't go so well. She had dated a boy who left her when he discovered she was a "little girl ", so she thought that no...

  • Why (Fifth Harmony/You/Camila Cabello)
    5.5K 148 3

    Fifth Harmony and Camila Cabello have a girlfriend. Her name is Y/n Bonilla. Y/n is a secret from the world. Nobody knows the girls are with her. Y/n is left alone when the girls go on tour and the girls have been growing more distant. While the girls are on tour Y/n decided to go out and get drunk. What happens wh...

  • left behind...(adopted by fifth harmony)
    21.6K 440 34

    When 10 year old Emmy tells her mother a long kept secret, her mother does something horrible. She then gets a headspace. When she meets 4 girls, will they change her life? *warning- Does contain age play

  • SAFE (Normani Ageplay)
    24.9K 1K 16

    ⚠️Note: This story contains non sexual ageplay and discussions of rape and abuse⚠️ "Normani, I'm sorry... but I never wanted you. It's why I gave you up, I thought you'd find a loving family eventually." "Yeah, but I didn't" Normani had always known she was unwanted. Her biological mother had told her so just 2 years...

  • Fifth harmony Ageplay : Oneshots
    37.1K 709 16

    A book with one shots about the girls of 5h and Camila

  • A little help
    104K 2.1K 20

    One night Lauren was walking home from work and saw a small figure shaking in the on the corner of the street.

  • Let me love you (Fifth Harmony Kidfic)
    9.6K 273 6

    24-year-old Lauren Jauregui works as a kindergarten teacher and her and her wife 23-year-old Dinah Jane Hansen, a singer trying to to get signed long for a child to call their own so with the help of a social worker the finally find the right child to be put into their care

  • The Lost Girl Music Found
    6.1K 203 5

    Erin has a hard life, dealing with depression, anxiety, insomnia, bipolar, ADHD Self-Harm and much more unfortunately inherited from her severely abusive farther She is like your typical teenager on the outside, complete fangirl, Fifth Harmony, and Demi Lovato being her top faves Lauren Jauregui being her favorite Obv...

  • Say you won't let go kidfic
    12K 454 10

    Ally brooke and her wife dinah are ready to be parents they have filled out the paperwork and passed the home visit and their licence is ready from their first little big girl camila who's now six, all they need is the phone to ring. Lauren and her little sister normani need a new home the one they have now is brok...

  • He Told Me Not To Tell
    3.7K 121 8

    A Fifth harmony Ageplay Lauren Jauregui ran away from her abusive father, living in boxes in an alleyway. What happens when an age play family find her

    23.5K 204 22

    Different types of stories, mostly age play ❤ I only update this book when i get ideas from people 😊 This book is not in an order !

  • Little Lolo (ageplay fic)
    995 38 2

    Homeless, afraid, and deprived of a proper childhood, will Lauren find a home or will she stay on the streets? When a gentle mysterious woman crosses paths with her and tries to invite her home to help her and give what she lost....a family. Will Lauren accept the affection and care the woman has to offer or will she...