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  • Rp Book!! ;)
    404 6 2

    This book is where ANYONE can sin!! ;)

  • Individual RP [ FOR GIRLS ]
    125 4 2

    For girls only okay ?!

  • Life Of An Annoying Idjit
    8.3K 1.6K 207

    This is my second Life Of A Fangirl book. The other one came to too many parts. 200 is the maximum apparently? -.- Anyway, welcome back to hearing about my random life. And if you're new here; Before you start reading this, I suggest you go read Life Of A Fangirl, then come back Started: October 16, 2016 Ended:

  • Avengers x Baby!Reader
    2.9M 99K 62

  • Avengers X Girl Reader
    450K 14.6K 31

    I do not own Avengers or Marvel. But I do own this story. THIS IS NOT A CLINT X READER STORY. THE READER IS SUPPOSED TO BE A TEEN AROUND 15 or 16 years old. Also; I wrote this back in my Freshman yr of Highschool, before I saw Age of Ultron. (Note added 05/30/2019) For any newer readers, I wrote this back in my freshm...

  • Various X Reader
    3.5M 90.1K 246

    They title says it all. It has characters from all sorts of shows, series, games, movies, celebrities, YouTubers.

  • Happy Valentine's Day (Death the Kid Lemon)
    37.3K 557 1

    (Death the Kid x Reader) *Lemon* Warning: Contains bondage and sexual content. If you are under the age of 18 or are not into this type of stuff, do not read this!

  • The perfect one for me. (Dtk x reader (lemon(s)))
    63.1K 925 25

    February 28th or 2016(sheesh, 2 years old) I love this story so much. I made this because Kid is my senpai and I read too much dtk x reader lemons XD.I thought I should try it out and make one myself. Enjoy♥ Edit: May 20th of 2018-I am well aware the cover is cringy but I like it :)

  • Link x reader LEMON
    73.5K 922 2

  • Ciel x Reader (Lemon)
    126K 1.2K 1