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  • Our Eyes (Sequel to Your Eyes)
    64.5K 2.9K 23

    In which Jungkook can't forget his first love, and would do anything to see him again Sequel to 'Your eyes'

  • Your eyes
    251K 11.2K 42

    Jungkook has lived his whole life hearing people ask him why he is so emotionless. It's not really something that he can change about himself, he's just like this. His friends are accepting of him, but he has never found someone who truly understood him. What happens when a mysterious transfer student by the name of T...

  • Incomplete [Vkook story]
    430K 15.1K 61

    "Love is just a word, not a feeling." "Not to me." In which Jungkook is the new boy in the school and Taehyung is the playboy bully

    Completed   Mature
  • Surprise || Vkook
    39.9K 1.5K 8

    Jeon Jungkook is a fan of Bts he loves everything about them, his favorite though is Kim Taehyung or V, Jungkook thought he would never meet Bts but on the day of his nineteenth birthday his mom has a surprise.

  • Friend Zone {VKOOK}
    1.2K 44 8

    2 boys just "hanging out" as best bros ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Fate
    1.8K 78 1

    It was all about fate. {taekook/vkook} storycover by: firelightus

    142K 6.5K 26

    A geek and a hottie.... Taehyung and Jungkook What happens when these totally different worlds collide? Join me to find out their encounters and adventures, as they unleash each other's hidden secrets and maybe fall for each other? This story is based on a film..

  • Mistake
    231K 8.7K 13

    Jungkook thinks he doesn't love his boyfriend Taehyung. Jungkook cheated on Taehyung with Jimin. Taehyung is heart broken. Jhope has a crush on Taehyung and tries to help him. 1 year later What happens when they go to the same college? What happens when Jungkook and Taehyung are dorm mates? What happens if Jungkook w...

    Completed   Mature
  • Changed
    353K 14.1K 21

    Taehyung changes his looks for the so called 'most popular boy' in school, Jungkook. Top Jungkookie! || Bottom TaeTae!

    Completed   Mature
  • connected ☎ taekook
    184K 9.7K 36

    a taekook chatting storyline ✧(≖ ◡ ≖✿) they are connected with each other through chatting. and maybe their history? let's find out, shall we? ㅡ ichikaaa

  • let's carpe this noctem | jjk x kth
    42.6K 2K 7

    "Let's seize this night. Let's screw our wedding, babe."

  • smile>vkook
    13.3K 687 16

    "You can't make me smile, but the things that remind me of you causes my happiness."

  • vkook updates
    195K 19K 7

    giving you the updates on the latest vkook moments because i need somewhere to stash all my vkook screenshots and images

  • So What If I Love You (BTS BL) [EDITING]
    73.1K 3K 15

    "So what if I love you?"

  • Mr. Right (Vkook) ✔
    328K 11.7K 16

    Kim Taehyung is a porfessional model. Both men and women thrive for him and they'd be considered lucky even if they were just one-night stands. And that's what he's doing in a gay bar right now, looking for one-night stands. Jeon Jungkook is a professional photographer. He's not really openly gay, but he was dragged t...

  • 60 Seconds » 60 Seconds Series » Book 1 » + j.jk | -lividnature-
    92.6K 4.5K 21

    When I walk into the cafe, I see you and honestly, I want to cry. But I won't, since you don't remember anything from your past. I want to make you remember, but you're too far to reach. The man that walks into the cafe everyday, with the same coat as I have in my closet. I developed a crush on him, but he is very mys...

    Completed   Mature
    142K 5.7K 26

    Jungkook is struggling with his self esteem, he is constantly feeling down and is deeply in love with Taehyung. What will he do when he realises that Taehyung has loved him all along too?

    Completed   Mature
  • Good boy VS bad boy ⚣ TK
    184K 9.1K 17

    Ⓣaehyung had developed dissociative identity disorder - also known as multiple personality disorder - where this personality known as V. Who would Jungkook fall in love with, and help? #27 rank in bromance July 6th 2018

    Completed   Mature
  • HIS | TaeKook
    385K 12.8K 50

    "I'm HIS and will always be!" #Taekook #Vkook #BTS #yoonmin #namjin #hoseok #got7 Start: 160516 End: 010517 completed!!!! yahooo!!! may TAEKOOK will be real!! Pretty cover by @protecc-tae-tae Romanian translation by @KaalDas Thanks! 😘 Bad grammar ahead. Pls don't judge. Tq 💋 Please give me credit if you want...

    Completed   Mature
  • Paper Hearts |[vkook]|
    55.2K 2.9K 17

    "Jimin? Is that really you?" Jungkook felt himself slowly reaching out to touch him. "Why didn't you contact me? Why did you leave m-" "I'm sorry, but I don't know who you are."

  • Untitled
    138K 5.8K 17

    Jungkook is Taehyung's literature professor ... and boyfriend.

  • Secret ➡ k.t.h x j.j.k (RE-EDITTING) (ON-HOLD)
    24.4K 664 7

    (RE-EDITTING) (ON-HOLD) -.-*-.-*-.-*-.-*-.- Jeon Jungkook ; a sweet boy with a sweet personality.His smile,could make everyone day shine brighter,his laugh is like a melody to others.He is a definition of angel where everyone for fall him,including Kim Taehyung.But,with the bruises and cuts on his body,would it be so...

  • Hold Me Tight 잡아줘 ⚣ TK
    277K 13.4K 17

    Ⓚim Taehyung was what you'd call him a normal student who was in love with this popular kid. He thought he couldn't stand a chance, but still tried everyday to bring himself into the spotlight of the other. You'll now witness how his mission turned out. #37 rank in schoollife July 6th 2018 A/N Trigger warnings: This...

    Completed   Mature
  • Vkook | Survival High
    77.2K 4.6K 22

    Taehyung is sent to a school full of 'special' people. And he struggles to survive, even more when he meets Jungkook.

  • Cuddles
    161K 6K 11

    Taehyung gets given a lot of pet names. top!jjk | bot!kth no translations

  • Hybrid // Vkook
    124K 5.3K 18

    //Where are you from?\\ //I-i don't know\\ //Why do you wear that hood?\\ //There's a secret behind it\\ //What's the secret?\\ //You see, I'm not like normal humans\\

  • desire ; taekook
    12.2K 510 10

    i have a desire to touch you, babe. so, let me.

  • Oh My Nerd (VKook)
    303K 14.2K 31

    Fanfiction Things aren't easy when his a nerd & I'm popular. "Yes. I am in love with a Nerd." But he had secrets... #502 in Fanfiction - 10/8/16

  • I Found My Love On The Internet, It Must Be True | VKook
    352K 26.3K 32

    "One new message from @KimTaetae: You can call me Tae :)"

  • Switched Personality
    33.3K 1.8K 22

    What if Taehyung is the quietest while Jungkook is the alien 4D? What if Jimin becomes cheerful and chirpy and Hoseok becomes the cutest? What if Jin becomes fatherly and Namjoon becomes motherly? What if Yoongi becomes the most hardworking one? Yes. Chaos happens.

    Completed   Mature