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  • It's a Pizza Girl Thing
    59.7K 3.7K 18

    Charlotte Whitmore, a pizza delivery girl, bumps into her best friend from high school, Josie Watson while out on delivery. Charlotte gets dumped by her three-month-long girlfriend and Josie is cheated on by her ex; it's the perfect time to rekindle their friendship. Together they navigate recovering from these past r...

  • Night Owls and Summer Skies [Formerly Camp Mapplewood]
    555K 19.9K 38

    WATTPAD ORIGINAL EDITION Finished high school, Emma's forced to spend her summer at a camp. But a striking counsellor, Vivian, changes her plans from escape to together forever. ***** Seventeen-year-old Emma Lane usually lives with her dad, but she...

  • She Who Left [COMPLETED]
    14.7K 769 14

    *BULLYING/SUICIDE WARNING* *SHORT STORY* Camila Cabello was the girl who blended in. The quiet nerdy girl cooped up in the library hunched over a book. Straight A grades and a plethora of choices for university. Yet she was empty. All because of a school girl crush. She had been friends with Normani since they were li...

    Completed   Mature
  • Before It Fades (The Eva Series #3)
    768K 44.5K 25

    This is the much anticipated third book in The Eva Series, a Wattpad hit with over 4M combined reads. In BEFORE IT FADES, Eva and her friends are on a race against time. A team of rescuers are on their way to Sydney to evacuate survivors of the outbreak, and if Eva, Wyatt, Jo and Ben don't make it there in time, they'...

  • While We Fall (The Eva Series #2)
    1.6M 70.6K 29

    Sequel to AS THEY RISE, the popular Wattpad featured book with over 1.8M reads. After a powerful virus spread like wildfire, Australia became a zombie infested island with no escape. The only way for Eva and her friends to survive is to drive across the country to find refuge with Wyatt's brother, Elliot, in his rain...

  • As They Rise (The Eva Series #1)
    3.2M 94.3K 26

    A Wattpad Featured story. As seen on The Huffington Post. Book One of The Eva Series, which has over 3M combined reads! A kick-ass young girl, a nation swarming with zombies, and a sweet romance that grows amongst the ruins. You'll find all that and more in this exciting and action-packed apocalyptic YA story. Readers...

  • Oh Baby (GirlxGirl)
    1.6M 34.1K 29

    It all started as fun...