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  • Why us?
    50.5K 3.8K 26

    Zane went for a run and was attacked by a monster. He woke up three months later with his parents dead and his sister severely injured by an accident. What is going to happen from now. As I am publishing my stories they will be found at smashwords and my blog is on wordpress:

  • A pregnancy story
    24.6K 1.9K 14

    Ashleigh was a young woman who was close to delivery when she ran. She was running from the father of her baby since she was sure he would kill the baby if he knew she had kept it. When she had told him she was pregnant he had coldly told her to just get rid of it. Josh and Adam were returning to their Pack house af...

  • Wolf Tech (1: The Beta and 2: The Second)
    132K 9.9K 52

    A female werewolf named Brook finds her human mate, Adam. What sort of fun and trouble to they get up to as they deal with a pack that has many members that are not interested in change and want to continue doing the same thing every day as they bring technology to the pack. What issues and changes does Adam bring...

  • Jolene's Story - Why Us 2
    17.8K 1.7K 13

    Jolene is the sister of Zane and Olivia's Mother. Having just returned from a photo shoot in a different country she discovers her sister and her husband were killed. Her niece and nephew had been injured and it had been several months ago. After contacting their Uncle she decides to fly out to where they are. Wil...

    Completed   Mature
  • Wolf Tech 3: The Alpha
    78.1K 6.1K 33

    This book picks up where Wolf Tech (which has Books 1 and 2) left off. Adam and Brook have been thrust into the role of being Alphas, following the winning the challenge against an aggressive pack. Most of those that were there only followed him out of fear, and Adam and Brook will have to be soft but firm with mos...

  • Wolf Tech 4: The Academy
    59K 5.2K 27

    Adam and Brook have now been able to settle in with their new pack, and are ready for a new challenge. They had been selected to host The Academy at their pack. It is the Werewolf and other shifter's most prestigious school. Mostly they train future leaders for the groups, but also do have a program for helping oth...

  • Tiger Tiger
    25K 3.2K 20

    Contemporary Fantasy/Sci-Fi

  • Wolf Tech 5
    60.7K 5.1K 28

    The Academy has now been here for six years. Zane and his team joined four years before, and are nicely settled. Everyone is ready for some changes and new challenges and boy are they going to get them! Cover photo is courtesy of -- used with permission

  • The Will of the Goddess
    10.6K 867 6

    The following stories come before this, Why Us, Jolene's story, Co-authored stories with Wolphin5's Wolf Tech 3, 4, 5. This is a side story to the early chapters of Wolf Tech 5. Zane started dating a human woman. Izzy was infertile as far as she knew. When she started dating Zane several months later discovered she...

  • Hammers in the Shadows
    22K 2.7K 22

    Mark is settling into the Pride Eleven years after his Turn, but things are never as they appear, shadows from the past are beginning to emerge into the light. Will Mark and Anna be able to survive and guide their Pride in coming months and years?

  • Thawing of the Ice
    15K 1.5K 12

    Following Zane's actions to support Mark and his Pride, there was a large number of consequences for Wild Valley Pack, as they now had a pack in northern BC that looked to them! They were going to need to deal with them quickly, as they needed to show those wolves, and the others around them, that they were protected...

  • We come in peace - Folician Chronicles 8
    18.7K 2.4K 20

    The Folician's have decided to make their presence known to the humans. Fury has been tasked with greeting Earth. Ray and Simon go with to do the introduction. How will Earth respond?

  • Wolf Tech 6: The Pups
    50.7K 4.4K 32

    The academy has been at the pack for almost their term of three decades. Tala, Adam and Brook's daughter, has recently graduated. She is ready to start moving in the adult world, and take duties to help the pack. Her Alpha-Parents have plans that will help her be the best, and help their pack family. Tala and her...

    Completed   Mature
  • Wolf Tech 7 - The Cats
    16.5K 1.9K 18

    A pride of Snow Leopards and a Pack of Wolves get together for their mutual protection as they cross the Land Bridge to North America. Others, not liking the sharing and where it eventually leads, causes the Pack to pull back from the outside world and get left behind, till a patrol from Wild Valley Pack finds them...