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  • The Scavenger Hunt [#Wattys2016]
    752K 42.6K 36

    -A Wattpad Featured Novel- -2016 Watty Award Winner: HQ Love- Olive has until midnight to win an epic scavenger hunt--and her teammate, Ethan's heart. ♥♥♥ This isn't an ordinary party. We won't be getting drunk, dancing, or passing out where we drop just yet. Tonight, we're having a scavenger hunt. This isn't...

  • Harry on the Prairie
    232K 13.1K 35

    Harry on the Prairie ~ A Harry Styles AU Fanfiction WATTYS 2016 WINNER in the category of HQ LOVE An excerpt published via COSMOPOLITAN online via September 14, 2016. *********** NOTICE: Mature/sexual content lies within these pages . . .you may experience feels in your nether-regions. *********** Harry Styles lives...

  • Willa & the Extraordinary Internship 📖 | ✓
    237K 13.2K 49

    ⭐️ 2016 Watty Award Winner ⭐️ Willa Grainger is your average twenty-four-year old with one exception - she never left her university. A year after she graduated she still remains employed with Professor Paige Grimsby, acclaimed author of the popular Simeon Lee series. Her struggles to find a boyfriend, find a job...

  • Undefined - The Zephyr Book 1 (completed)(#Wattys2016)
    907K 56.3K 48

    WATTYS 2016 WINNER Untouchable. Stone. Jewel - these are some of the names used for people who are born with a gemstone at the centre of their forehead. This unfortunate phenomenon cannot be detected before birth, it cannot be prevented, if a family has a Jewelled child, there is only one outcome: Before they're sixte...

  • Blind Spot
    144K 10.6K 47

    **WATTYS 2016 WINNER - HQ LOVE** Rosie Knight is happy with her life. She's got a job that works for her, a cute little place to live and a whole lot of quiet. Everything she never had in her previous life - before she started over. Until, that is, the ghost of her boss's pushy grandma starts following her aroun...

  • Elf Bites ❄ l.s. AU
    71.2K 4.6K 34

    "Deck the halls with balls of toenails, fa-la-la-la-la, I hate your beard." "I don't have a beard." "I know. It's pathetic." A jolly AU where Harry is an elf-in-training who quits his job and moves to London after the Elder Elves cancel Christmas in the North Pole. He plans to stay in London after that...but he deci...

  • Strange Yarns
    210K 5.7K 23

    WATTY 2016 WINNER of the HQ Love Award! Strange Yarns is a ball of tangled tales. Twisted, knotted, and intertwined. Like Tales of the Crypt, the Twilight Zone, and The Outer Limits. Strange Yarns is not just a collection of ghastly tales, these are yarns, and yarns are sewed together. Follow the yarns and see the gra...

  • A Kiss in Costume [girlxgirl]
    15.1K 672 4

    2016 WATTY AWARD WINNER - HQ LOVE! This Halloween, Maggie Juarez just wants to nerd out on the finer points of period costume design in her hand-made Regency ballgown and try to ignore her painful, awkward crush on beautiful ice-queen Samantha Winters. But Sam is impossible to ignore, especially when she shows up to...

  • Twisted Kingdoms | Wattys 2016 Winner
    258K 22.3K 84

    Traitor. Spy. Assassin. This is Isla's quest for the truth, and her slow spiral into becoming her very own worst nightmare. When the gods ascended thousands of years ago, they left behind the divine gift of theurgy. Its powers still echo amongst men, but run fiercer yet in the blood of kings and queens. And one of...

  • The Term Sheet | Wattys 2016 Winner
    58K 3.3K 53

    2016 WATTY AWARD WINNER - HQ LOVE THE TERM SHEET is a fast-paced technothriller about entrepreneurship, startups, encryption, and the delicate balance between national security and individual privacy. Its complex characters explore thought-provoking questions about the role of technology in an ever-changing society. S...

  • STILETTO SISTERHOOD - Wattys2016 winner for HQ Love
    73.5K 2.9K 62

    **As previously seen on my @StilettoSisterhood profile!!! :D ** I've decided to relocate the story here - as juggling two accounts with comments is becoming exceedingly difficult. My secondary account will remain for news/ contests/bonus material, etc. PRIYANKA, ISOBEL, CAITRIONA, ESHE & SHAYNE are fi...

  • Cabin Fever (WATTYS 2016 WINNER)
    163K 3K 41

    *** WATTYS 2016 WINNER HQ LOVE CATEGORY*** You have to work with what you've got. That's my motto, my guiding star. It's served me well for years and years. Earned me loads of cash, gotten me out of a few scrapes - and into bed with quite a few girls. It also saw me through one of the most frightening - and intensely...

  • Black Eye: Confessions of a Fake Psychic Detective #2
    131K 10.3K 73

    *** 2016 Wattys Award winner (HQ Love) *** The sequel to Glass Eye: Confessions of a Fake Psychic Detective picks up right where its predecessor left off. Read that one first before jumping in here. Six months after solving the Elle Carey case, Zandra finds life is much easier for her. Money and fame grant her...

  • A Life Wasted
    149K 7.2K 122

    WATTY 2016 WINNER of the HQ Love Award! With national focus on Islamic terrorism, few noticed when "Domestic Terrorist" Clayton Waagner was added to the FBI's Ten Most Wanted List on September 21, 2001. How did a software developer become the 467th person added to the FBI's Ten Most Wanted List? Why did the FBI make W...

  • Pronoun Problems: A Novel About Friendship, Transgender and (eventually) Ninjas
    21.8K 2.2K 40

    Tom and I were childhood best friends. And were convinced that we were funny. So convinced that, when we grew up, we drove across the country to make our mark writing comedy in Los Angeles. And against all odds, we did. Until one day, Tom told me something about himself. Something shocking, something I never expected...