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  • Leaving It Behind (#FrightFest2016 SILVER winner!)
    1.8K 335 3

    With creatures roaming the streets, a girl is trapped in her house, alone. With her thoughts. Sometimes facing your inner demons is just as daunting as the monsters outside. (Contains no gore, flesh-rending, or other gross-out things. Mostly a thriller.) Big thanks to @summerssolitude for finding a great cover image f...

  • Sell Fish: A Fable
    1.2K 204 4

    A selfish newcomer tries to elbow his way into a young fish merchant's business... with unexpected consequences. If you have any suggestions or corrections, I'm open to feedback!

  • The Blue Men
    223 39 1

    They do not speak. But they communicate. Through sound. Through light. Through movement. They are curious. They are profound. They are blue. This short story is my submission for the Blue Man Group Origin Story competition.

  • 7 Lessons in 7 (Glorious) Days
    1.6K 318 7

    When Lisa's boyfriend thinks her week-long vacation is a great time to see other people, she's devastated. But her parents are whisking the family away to Cancun, and what better place is there to mend wounds? Shared in a series of lessons, Lisa's vacation unfolds as she discovers paradise and finds out that there's m...