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  • telephone booth // l.t
    1K 38 1

    "that's my telephone booth." "i don't see your name on it." © aalluring

  • waterfall » louis tomlinson
    62.4K 4.4K 10

    the water from her eyes streaked down her face, almost like a waterfall, equally beautiful as well. cover made by kit kat aka @sweaterlou © reliefs

  • is it still a joke now?
    2.8M 94.3K 28

    The utter most inner thoughts and feelings of one who has but no other way to express them and therefore without a pen a paper she very much may spontaneously combust in an explosion of secrets bottled up for far far too long. : )

  • Alien [Louis]
    219K 17.8K 59

    [COMPLETED ✓] A story about an adventurous girl and a lost alien who needs her help to get back home. Copyright © 2015 mesmereyes All Rights Reserved [Cover by: Myself]

  • Two Floors Apart (Louis Tomlinson AU)
    85.6K 4K 14

    [ short story #424 ] Pyper Thompson and Louis Tomlinson. Same college, same off-campus building, and yet only two floors apart. Who would have guessed that their chance meeting would start off with a lack of bread? new cover created July 2019. © developments 2014

  • Sting » Louis
    59.9K 2.3K 24

    ❝No one warns little girls how boys with such pretty eyes, who smell like smoke, who taste like rain, who talk like silver, are reasons behind tear soaked pillows, half finished poems, and so many sad dreams...❞ © all rights reserved // emily-j

  • Blazed
    1.7M 51.5K 62

    How long does love last? Does it fizzle out like a flame, when you cover it up. Or does it blaze like a wildfire when it's not tamed. Louis had been in love with a girl three years ago. Though she had not returned his love, instead of forming a heart of stone. Like anyone else would have done in his situation. He got...

    Completed   Mature
  • hidden empathy [ sequel to hidden insanity ] » louis tomlinson au
    15.2K 822 19

    [ sequel to hidden insanity ] "Don't you have any empathy towards me!" Louis yelled at me. "I don't feel anything," I harshly spat back. All rights reserved | flxwlessnouis 2015

  • The Goal // l.tomlinson
    91.6K 5.2K 6

    He won the game, but what will he do to win her heart? [ l.t.]

  • Just a Boy • LT
    48.3K 3.3K 14

    "WILL YOU MARRY ME?" Arabella Wendell, fake medium, doesn't like what she hears the first time she meets Louis Tomlinson. It's all fun and games until she finds out Mister Sass never grows old. When you don't believe in magic or happy endings, what do you do when you've got a real Peter Pan on your hands?

  • Azure Rose [l.t]
    52.2K 3K 30

    The sun fell in love with the moon and the stars fell in love with the sky. The girl fell in love with the boy, and everything was destroyed. In which beauty falls in love with destruction. Zariah, daughter of Aphrodite, falls madly in love with Louis, son of Hades.

  • the list » l.t
    8K 420 12

    ❝i'm making a list, you see. to complete before i die.❞ © enlivening. all rights reserved.

  • Sorcery (Louis Tomlinson)
    697K 45.2K 60

    She found him in the middle of a forest. He exposed her to a world she never imagined. Their lives will never be the same again.

  • Impudent ➳ l.t [au]
    305K 22.7K 45

    ❝Sorry love, but i'm fucking fabulous.❞ 1. rude: discourteous or impolite, especially in a deliberate way; Impudent. or in which louis and glimmer learn to put away their differences and bond over a stupid school project. ********** Copyright © 2015: All Rights Reserved to @gymnasliam

  • Flipped (L.T.)
    108K 4.5K 59

    Her name was Eliza, Elly for short. She drove me just about mad; her very presence annoyed me to no end. She moved along with her family; the grotesque pig that lived next door was gone. Until she moved back two years later. Then everything just kind of...flipped.

  • Room 253 (Louis Tomlinson)
    10.2K 364 11

    We'll meet again, Don't know where, Don't know when, But I know we'll meet again, some sunny day. Keep smiling through, Just like you always do, Till the blue skies drive the dark clouds, far away.

  • Hearts Devoured • LT&ZM
    65K 3.5K 21

    When you've got Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik pining for you like you're chocolate cake and they're fat kids who've been on a 365-day diet, what's your best plan of action? You offer yourself on a plate because that's the only respectful thing to do. Sequel to the short story Bound to Happen.

  • His Girl
    192K 8.3K 64

    Five reckless and uncaring boys abduct her and refuse to tell her why. Unknown to the other boys, one of her kidnappers plans to make her life hell, and she doesn't understand why. And then there is Louis. He seems different from the others and she is somehow drawn to him since he's the only one who disagrees with th...

    Completed   Mature
  • sugar » louis tomlinson
    1.1K 47 2

    . ❝ pour some sugar on me. oh, in the name of love. ❞ He was all that she needed, and all that she wanted. He was all that she craved, and all that she wished. He was sweet. He was addicting. He was her world, her infinite expanse of unpredictable universe. He was her love, her hope, her dreams. But h...

  • butt » louis tomlinson au
    32.5K 1.4K 5

    ❝i just really like your butt.❞ or the one where she's the stubborn girl and he's the arrogant personal trainer who likes looking at her butt. ©inkedmalik 2014 [cowritten with @navylou]

  • Philomath (lover of learning)
    450 25 4

    She loved books and she loved to learn, that was the reason I met her. She loved me and I loved her, that was the reason I lost her.

  • Illegally Yours ≫ l.t.
    14.5M 601K 86

    She was this artsy and eccentric girl who was pathetically obsessed with him, but he had no idea. When she saves him from an accident and he loses his memory, she ends up doing the craziest thing she could ever do. All rights reserved ©whammystyles TRANSLATIONS ARE NOT ALLOWED.

  • mute » tomlinson ON HOLD
    104K 4.8K 19

    ❝Oh, what's wrong, love? Too shy to speak?❞ © copyright recklesslou 2014-2015

  • road ☯ l.t
    1.8K 90 7

    They found each other along the road. all rights reserved 2014 © rantipolegirl

  • Prank Calls » tomlinson
    10.6K 739 6

    ❝ Darling, we both know I'm better at prank calling. ❞

  • Zoo // Louis Tomlinson
    572K 17.1K 57

    ❝Just a forgetful child, just a lost girl.❞ ❝Just a boy with a pen, just a man with ink.❞ (Book 1)

  • flaws || louis tomlinson
    15.8K 491 3

    ❝I saw that you were perfect, and so I fell in love with you. Then I saw that you were not perfect, and so I fell in love with you even more.❞ © 2014 All Rights Reserved - wonderrland

  • The Villain. L.T.
    11.7K 544 12