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  • Fallen (Published under CLOAK Pop Fiction)
    1.9M 32.8K 29

    What will happen if one ordinary weird girl experience extraordinary incidents? And finds out so many things about her "Ordinary life" and discover the real meaning of..."FALLEN"

  • My Freakish First Love
    4.6K 100 6

    "First love can last. Rare, I know, but definitely possible." She's my first love. And this is our story. COPYRIGHT © 2012 by FirstLoveLasts

  • Perfect Couple: A Jerk and A Bitch (COMPLETED)
    1.8M 25.8K 50

    NO SOFTCOPIES. A story about two antagonists, a jerk and a bitch, who have long been disillusioned by love, but in some twist of fate, they'd soon find themselves hopelessly in love with each other. COPYRIGHT © 2012 by FirstLoveLasts Cover by: Phia Beltran ^_^