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    READ FOR READ. Want to get more reads, votes and comments? Feel free to advertise as many books as you'd like! Just leave a comment on the first chapter to help get it out there! Also, if you are here to ask for reading requests, just leave a comment with the title of the book and a link to it. All I ask is that you c...

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    DON'T POST IN THE RULES SECTION! This is a place to share your stories and read mine. All constructive criticism is welcome. Please share, but only one story at a time please. Good luck and please be nice. Thank you have a great day. READ THE RULES BEFORE POSTING YOUR STORY, PLEASE.

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    cover by @Sweetishlove The title says it all

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    Please go check out my second book of shoutouts!! Thanks!

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    Anyone needs a Shoutout? Your just a PM away.

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    You can advertise your willingness to do read for reads here. Click book for more instructions.

  • Advertising Book
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    In this book I will dedicate a chapter to advertise your book. Thanks so much to @CupcakeTheAuthor for this awesome cover and the book club!!! Your covers are amazing! 530 in nonfiction 6/6/17

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    Advertise your stories here! Comment, and maybe your story will be posted on here!

  • Wattpad Help Wanted (Closed)
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    Are you an author but you can't seem to find just the right cover, write the perfect prophesy, come up with the greatest comeback, or remember that one character's name? Maybe you've been told that your fight scenes are completely unrealistic and you need to do some research. Or maybe you need an honest review of your...