305lilsuzie's Reading List

  • Fade To Black
    • sayunspokenwords
    • 54 parts
    427K 6.2K

    Is a forbidden love really worth it?Jackson Sawyer has witnessed cruelty and hatred towards slaves in his life during the 1800s. He has vowed to become a bette...

  • The Marked Wolves.
    • FantasyLuvr96
    • 11 parts
    • Updated 2 years ago
    85.3K 1.8K

    Marked Wolves The Marked Wolves were the harshest warriors in their kingdom. For years they fought off the Cold Blooded asking no help from the other three...

  • MULATTO (Iyila) (Editing)
    • 64 parts
    • Updated 3 months ago
    126K 4.8K

    A Historical/ Romance novel MULATTO (Iyila) tells the story of a young slave girl during the era when slavery was at its highest peak in the American South...

  • A Bride For The Sheikh
    • KatherynLane
    • 3 parts
    • Updated 2 years ago
    9.2K 148

    When Sheikh Rashid is told by his father, the sultan, that he must marry the scheming daughter of his financial adviser, Chrystal Longhorn, the sheikh refuses...

  • Werewolf Committee
    • CourageousReader
    • 49 parts
    20.4M 460K

    Every year a student is chosen to get a scholarship to graduate at the official Werewolf Committee. No one gets to meet or even see the high society wolves unl...

  • Change Of Heart ( bwwm )
    • Teegarellaa
    • 13 parts
    • Updated a year ago
    149K 4.5K

    "Her attitude, Her eyes, Her body and that killer smile draws me closer and closer. She drives me nuts but I always need her near me. Am I whipped? Yes. Am I a...

  • Always Have; Always Will.
    • AbbyjRaye
    • 37 parts
    318K 14.4K

    After breaking up with her only love, Courtney's love life becomes a joke. She had a baby by a douche, and has to take care of baby Hope by herself. Even thou...

  • Forever in His Debt
    • halcyon_
    • 22 parts
    • Updated 3 days ago
    1.8M 76.5K

    When a debt is owed to the royal family, it is never forgotten. Ezra goes into town with the intention of taking everything from the family that owed his, but...

  • Desert Kings: Veronica: Stranded with the Sheikh
    • JenniferLewis6
    • 7 parts
    326K 5.2K

    DESERT KINGS Three brothers return to claim their thrones in remote and beautiful Ubar after their estranged father dies and divides his kingdom between them...