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  • Villainous Memes and pics #2
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    Second book lmao

  • posts of shit
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    Don't read this

  • Villainous Memes and pics
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    Basically this book is all about Villainous Completed: 6/25/17

  • Random Memes: Part 2
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    Another book of memes for you to enjoy. Don't even know why I made one again. Welp, stick around and join some memes.

  • Memes and Other Strange Pictures
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    Need something to cheer up or keep you awake at night? Are you just looking for a laugh? Here you can find the dankest of memes, or the strangest of pictures. Check out this book if you discover how strange to internet really is. Enjoy! Update schedule: Probably Fridays **WARNING** SOME CONTENT IS NOT CHILD-FRIENDLY...

  • Splatoon: That moment
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    One does not simply "play" Splatoon. One has those wonderful moments •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• I DONT OWN SPLATOON Rights to creators.

  • EddMatt Comic 2
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    (Here's a new comic since you guys liked the last one! Hope you enjoy this new one :3) Edd and Matt go on a 'date' to a Comic Con after Matt gets him and Edd badges to go. When they go, however, a certain red devil hair boy and a eyeless blue boy decide to tag along... If you are reading this story on any other platfo...

  • Forbidden Love ~[In Editing]~
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    Ally has a bad past. She had caring parents, and an amazing brother- however her parents were killed in an attack on her village when she was thirteen. So they left, living on their own for a year. Then they met Brad He took them in, seemingly very kind. Before he started to abuse the two. It once got so bad, that All...

  • The Art Dump [BOOK 1]
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    I like drawing, so I just decided to make this. Welp, not much more to say, so enjoy! Bai!