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  • Sanity tales [Rewrite of Sanity Dreams/Walkers] a ShredSquad Fanfic
    123 27 3

    If someone dies alone in an Asylum, with no one to find them, did it really happen? Cory, Tommy, Ashley, Nick, Uni, Jon and Dawn were all locked away in the infamous Ashgrae Asylum, with no memories of how they got there, and no reason to escape. All of them had given up on seeing the sun again, that was until somethi...

  • The Steve Saga - Fanarts
    14.9K 865 52

    this is just a place where I post some of my fanarts. There will be no furries, yaois or sexual content! Just clean content! I hope you enjoy..

  • Fazbear's Fright: The Novelization
    2.2K 84 1

    When Ersa gets a phone call imploring her to come in for a job interview, she jumps at the chance and arrives at a spooky horror attraction that's a little scarier then it has any right to be. The interior is a labyrinth of horror, with bloodied walls and hulking animatronics that seem to watch her every step. Will th...

  • Mad World | Ninjago Fanfic |
    659 59 9

    All around him are familiar faces but he recognizes none of them. He found it kinda funny but also kinda sad, the dreams in which he's dying were the best he ever had. Lloyd grew up with hatred in his heart; hatred for the place he swore to protect. This hatred had been sitting too long and now all of Ninjago was goin...

  • Caged
    19.5K 1K 12

    #27-anxiety For Romans whole life, he's always wanted to go to Cove Discovery, a place where there was Reef's, Fish, Sharks and Merfolk?! No one ever was able to train them. Little did he know one little mistake he makes with a merman he ends up questioning this whole place. "What did they do to you?"

  • A Lesson in Practicality
    69.1K 3.1K 25

    Four seemingly random strangers all answer an ad to move into an apartment in downtown. It didn't take more than a few months before they all realize they've been hiding a secret from one another... they each have a special ability. Now they're just trying to live their lives day by day as they figure their powers, an...

    Completed   Mature
  • Masked -A Villain Deku Fanfiction-
    85 8 2

    For the past few years the class of 1-A has grown and bonded together as one family. As Seniors, the group often goes out with their teachers or other pro-heroes and walk around the city. For the past few years the city has been mostly quiet. However due to the League of Villains gaining more influence the streets ha...

  • Fnaf x Aphmau x sky media x mystreet
    12.5K 220 19

    Travis and aph have a secret. Only them, Ross, Adam, Barney, Shelby, Jin, Cory and max know about.... they are dead. Every one who knows about the secret Is too. Find out what happens when sky media comes to mystreet in this book. Btw this is going to have correct grammar and paragraphs unless it is Barney's broken En...

  • HEART of GOLD /// FNAF meets mystreet
    1.5K 63 9

    They were special. Doesn't mean that is a good thing. They were the missing pieces of the puzzle. Doesn't mean it's incomplete. They were broken. Doesn't mean they can't be fixed. They were dead. Doesn't mean they aren't alive. They had hearts of gold. Doesn't mean that it's pure. ...

  • Secret Guardian
    309 28 4

    A girl named- or rather, prefers to be called Katty Firestone is Aphmau's secret guardian. Katty is a morpher and other things aswell. She has been protecting Aphmau since they have been kids, and Aphmau is aware. When Aphmau, Zane, Travis, Kateyn, Vylad, and Garroth decide to go on a camping trip, things get out of h...

  • Weeping Angel- Young Justice Fanfiction
    22.3K 1K 8

    When I'm alone, I think. When I think, I remember. When I remember, I feel pain. When I feel pain, I cry. When I cry, I can't stop. Please don't leave me alone... An angel retelling of Young Justice.

  • The Hearthstone Pack
    11 3 1

    This isn't your typical werewolf story James Hearthstone was your normal everyday werewolf. He worked hard to make sure his pack ran smoothly and always tried to do his best. But, he had a secret. Under all that normality, he was special. Soon after his pack gets invaded and destroyed, James and his friends need to su...

  • After the 5th Night
    11.2K 313 23

    Zane and Aphmau have been keeping a secret from the MyStreet gang for almost 6 years now. They decide that they want to fix that to end the pain they've been feeling. But what happens when a certain man, the Purple Man, becomes involved and takes all of that away? What happens when the MyStreet gang decides to investi...

  • A Starship Called Starsong
    363K 50K 75

    Computer updates are simple, right? Apparently, that's not always the case when it involves a Spaceship's AI in the middle of deep space. We have always relied upon technology to travel through space, but sometimes that very same technology has a mind of its own... This story was inspired by prompt #7 posted by @Scien...

  • The Final Attempt
    5.8K 245 1

    Disclaimer: Rick Riordan owns PJO/HOO. What happens when Zeus decides to turn the army immortal? The Fates respond in the worst way. Alone and desperate to survive, Percy Jackson has been running for years on end. He's been found again and the Fates have sent his enemies to get his answer and aid. Enjoy, my lovely re...

  • The Love Of An Entity {Hero!Reader x 303} REMAKE
    419 26 2

    Remake of The Entity's Girl. ----------------------------- Heroes, battles, hackers, mobs. Nothing was normal in the world of Minecraft, not even love. It was told that only Heroes could date heroes, or non heroes, never killers.. But, there was one Hero, who dared to bend the rule, one with [Hair Color] hair, and [Ey...

  • Sealed Shut
    17.9K 1K 13

    Shut up. Don't say a word. Because he can't. No Percy Jackson can't talk. He writes out his sentences. No one understands why, they don't bother to ask. If they bothered they would find a boy without parents. They would find a boy put into foster care after his mom was murdered right in front of him. They'd find a...

  • The Grandson Of Voldemort Is A What?
    485K 18.3K 35

    Find out what happens when a certain demigod finds out that there's a hidden part to his mother's side of the family, that even she doesn't know about. Harry and the gang are on the brink of a war when Dumbledore announces something that shocks them to the core. The Order has enough problems, they don't need a wild c...

  • I Am Percy
    46.6K 2K 22

    "Well? What did he sign?" "He said 'Well jacka$$? What do you f**king want?'" --------------------- Percy just stopped talking one day. No one knew why too, only that he refused to talk and the only people who could understand ASL was Nico, Will, and Leo. So because of that, people slowly started to forget about him...

  • MCSM: Shattered Souls [COMPLETED]
    6.4K 503 30

    Heroes get wrapped up in all sorts of crazy shit. That's just a fact, one that Jesse has proven time and time again. Every time she thinks no adventure could possibly top whatever's currently happening, something else comes along JUST to prove her wrong. Then she meets five other people, with similar names and familia...

  • FavreMySabre- Orphaned
    583 17 3

    [Discontinued] after a series of events, Sabre is forced to live on the streets...

  • What I'm Becoming (09sharkboy fanfiction)
    867 18 5

    Remember the Steves Series, well let's just say his friends got involved. (lol, nobody had ever thought about this, WHHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!) Also, I'm new, don't be harsh.

  • Blink: Phantom (Book 3)
    59.3K 6.1K 29

    Something is abducting human beings. The series of vanishings is spreading further and further throughout human-held systems and those responsible leave no traces behind. Their motives and their methods are unknown, and it is not long before Darien, Amber, and the Blink Operatives of Hammerhead Squad are drafted into...

  • Ark Survival Evolved}¥{Future in the Past
    46 3 1

    Another book here that belongs to me. Ark is my fave game and y'all should definitely play it. This will be about me playing this game from my character's perspective. Hope you enjoy! If you want a character in here I am taking up to 5 OC's(will let you know if all open spots are taken)(2/5 spots for the OC's are tak...

  • No One Ever Tells Me That They're Proud (Percy Jackson)
    44.4K 1.6K 23

    I mean, it wasn't planned, but that's not a bad thing. Sometimes it's better to just go with the flow and live with how life is going. That's what Percy and Nico did after sharing their first kiss.

  • The Knights: Minecraft Youtuber Fanfic
    137 12 2

    Chapter 1 It was a day, in the kingdom of Woodwin. The villagers greeting one another, smiling, trading, any normal day. Until, the darkness came. Shadows, mists, dust of darkness covered the town. Collapsing into despair, sadness, and hatred. The source of the darkness laughed. "Those knights, that prophecy, all a li...

  • Still alive (Nickvactor) Crafting Dead
    1K 9 8

    Warnings and other stuff I will not put on any of my other books. Male preg Boyxboy Girlxgirl Transgender I do not own any of the Youtubers and some characters other than the ones that are mine. Description is the first chapter of the story.

  • Crafting dead Red X Reader
    63 5 2

    first xreader I've ever written. You meet Red in the woods with your best friend (b/f/n), and he seems to take a liking to you. but later on, all the horrible things people said about him, go away, when you find out why. (y/n) = your name (b/f/n) = best friends name (e/c) = eye color or colour (h/c) = hair color or co...

  • Five Nights at The Pack's
    114K 6.4K 39

    'He ran down the hallway, his heart beating at an alarming rate before he finally came stumbling to a stop in front of a large door that had a sign hanging loosely on it. He paused and stared at the door as he caught his breath in small gasp that shook his small frame. Though when he heard the soft sound of footsteps...

    Completed   Mature
  • Five Nights At The Pack's 2 ~ Encore
    12.2K 780 5

    "It's hard to believe he's really gone...I feel like one day he's going to just walk up like 'Hey! I'm back, sorry I've been gone for so long' and everything's going to go back to normal like it used to be but...but I know it won't. Because there's always that god damn gravestone to bring me back to reality and force...