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  • On Edge • Lauren/You
    98.4K 5.3K 17

    WARNING: G!P You G!P is Girl Peen meaning you're a girl with a dick so you're intersex • Everything you've ever known and loved has gone to shit and there's only two ways to look at things. Survive and kill or live it up as much as you can till your time comes. You can probably guess what'd be the better option and fo...

  • All's Fair (Lauren/You)
    662K 24.1K 51

    Y/N Y/LN was the star basketball player out of Miami High. Her life at home was completely different from her life at school. Only she knows what happens behind closed doors. Y/N struggles through the last few years of high school, trying to learn the difference between a friendly high five and the deadly act of abuse...

    Completed   Mature
  • Money Can't Always Buy Everything || f.h.
    86.6K 2.6K 19

    Fifth Harmony is the most powerful group of vampires. Getting what they want, when they want it. Will Y/N change that? Or will Y/N just become one of the girl's victims? Y/N was sold to the most powerful vampiers when she was little, will she ever find out? With you being a famous YouTuber, with your friends Lily and...

  • Principal Jauregui
    980K 30.9K 53

    Lauren is your principal and you two have to keep your relationship in secret until you graduate high school but it won't be easy G!p Y/n

    Completed   Mature