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  • Atlantis Kings ~EDITED~
    4.6K 221 18

    This is a fanfic for TheAtlanticCraft, Team Crafted, and a character named Serra. In a palace called Atlantis, will the Kings stand up long enough to fight the new enemy the new queen she brought upon this kingdom? Choices and loyalty will be the only thing that will make sense around here unless the enemy wins and de...

    Completed   Mature
  • Team Hybrid (A Team-Crafted School Fanfic) (ON HIATUS)
    4.5K 265 15

    In the land of Minecraftia, there was peace and harmony. For... well some people. No not people... Hybrids. Humans had sophisticated technology and techniques, while they treat hybrids like dirt... literally. What will happen when a group of hybrids, friends, family went to a human school with a destiny upon them? Con...