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  • cry baby🖤 josh + tyler [✓]
    65K 2.8K 40

    tyler; - cry baby - v aesthetic - cute - gay af --- josh; - popular - has a girlfriend (kinda forced to be straight lmao) - jock - hella gay (for tyler ;u;)

  • Daddy • Joshler
    136K 6.6K 31

    PLEASE DON'T READ THIS BOOK. ... Joshua Dun spends his teenage days getting drunk and having sex with random people. All until a ring on the door that will change his life. ... This story contains ephebophilia and incest. - don't read if you're uncomfortable with that.

    Completed   Mature
  • daddy's boy || joshler. ( completed)
    56.2K 1.2K 9

    " maybe I'll be perfect in a new dimension " fem!tyler dom!josh daddy is always protective of what's his and he's just lost it . Trigger Warnings : mentions of abuse and rape .

  • Autentíco//Joshler [✔️]
    46K 2.5K 21

    Autentíco; of undisputed origin; genuine. Basically extreme fem!tyler and fluff an innocence an such. ©isleoftheflightless

    Completed   Mature
  • Lane boy: joshler
    258K 10.1K 23

    Josh moves into a religious home for troubled boys and meets a boy just as troubled as him top!josh

  • next door » joshler [book #1]
    1.7M 84K 64

    at two in the morning one tuesday, a boy runs into tyler's apartment without even knocking or anything and just starts begging to sleep there for the night. not that tyler's complaining, because a) he wasn't sleeping anyway and b) this boy was very cute. so naturally he lets him. in the morning they find out theyve s...

  • reasons why josh tops
    89.3K 4K 22

    made - 8/18/16 completed - 5/24/17 joshua william dun is daddy [ISSA JOKEEE]

    Completed   Mature
  • ømegle // joshler
    81.3K 4.2K 21

    Josh and Tyler meet on omegle and talk for a while... [ not complete ]

  • Come Off Anon (joshler)
    60.5K 3.6K 13

    >> 'SpookyJosh replied to your message: << 'come off anon.' ( this story is so fucking bA D but ppl love what they love I guess )

  • 1-800-you-wish ≫ joshler
    126K 5.9K 74

    Fuckboy!tyler loner!josh Life is hell until someone comes along and makes it heaven baby.

  • lifeguard; joshler
    70.3K 2.8K 44

    a story where josh is a lifeguard and tyler loves swimming and the beach 1-5 sentences

  • snapchat ✦ joshler
    207K 13.3K 49

    tyler is a huge ass fuckboy and josh wants nothing to do with him

  • ink stains [joshler]
    24.1K 1.6K 10

    tyler works in a flower shop, josh works in a tattoo parlor. mental illness is a term the two know all too well. contains: depression, mental illness, self harm, etc. (currently on hold) © starry-tyler 2015

  • Trees
    24.9K 1K 11

    Tyler sits in bed scrolling through the account he's been stalking for about over 2 hours now. Josh dun. Josh dun is the stereotypical jock at the school. He's hot and popular and gets all the girls, sometimes even the boys. One thing that makes Josh different is he isn't mean like the others, or at least thats how T...

  • kik me ✦ joshler [COMPLETED]
    90.9K 5.1K 16

    josh: kik me tyler: kiss me joshler with some side ships listen let me just say i wrote this when i was a softie n it's such a cringey fic

  • fanboy ✦ joshler [slow updates]
    16K 984 3

    "holy shit, i would let josh dun shove three drumsticks up my ass." "that seems painful."

  • Alien ; Joshler [AU]
    11.4K 664 3

    "I can confirm that I am in fact completely and utterly infatuated with the idea of being with you" 1974 ©All rights reserved to kickthetrash

  • fanboy ❀ joshler
    53.5K 3.8K 12

    in which josh dun is completely infatuated with tyler joseph, a boy who sings on the internet.

    145K 6.4K 27

    Their relationship was anything but 🌺 Fem!Tyler & Jock!Josh High-School AU 🌺 ©dandeliondun [hit 100k february 10, 2019] [highest rank: #903 in fanfiction; june 20, 2017] [highest rank: #2 in joshler; october 3, 2018] [highest rank: #64 in twentyonepilots; september 10, 2018]

  • Preps & Princesses
    50.5K 2.2K 23


  • soldier|| joshler
    36.2K 1.9K 33

    in which tyler is a scared boy and josh just wants to protect him ©youngthejoseph

  • BLACKMAIL || joshler [✓]
    67.7K 4.9K 24

    england 1962. joshua dun is a lawyer, married man, father of two. tyler joseph is an unmarried, working class, factory worker. but the two are closer than it's legal to be, feelings are a crime; they have to keep it a secret. ©faerietyler

    Completed   Mature
  • chuck e. cheese ; joshler [✔️]
    144K 10.1K 35

    josh works at chuck e cheese and he can't help but be fascinated by the boy having his 16th birthday there. innocent!tyler top!josh trigger warnings: 5 year age gap

    Completed   Mature
  • doe-eyed | joshler
    138K 4.8K 24

    fem!tyler athlete!josh

  • tiny || joshler
    657K 21.6K 35

    "tyler, do you have a daddykink?" "o-of course n-not, no, n-no." // lowercase intended // // triggerwarnings: anxiety, smut, swearing, a little bit of sadness //

  • sucker | joshler
    94.5K 5.9K 42

    "i love you." the brunette just rolled his eyes, crossing his arms over his chest and shook his head. "no you don't." josh furrowed his brow, standing closer to the feminine boy, going to object. that was thrown out the window when he felt a small hand strike his cheek. tyler pulled away, tears brimming his eyes. "y...